Origin of English word HYPOTAXIS

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The word HYPOTAXIS is addressed in the entry: TACTICIAN

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[DQ →T-hard C]


TACTICS, historically, are matters of arrangement. Greek taktikos means fit for arranging.   תכן ToaKHaN is defined as "arranged or set in order;" the term is translated "measured" in ISamuel2:3. תכן  TaKHaN also means to  regulate or to formulate a program (or TACTIC).

Another master of arrangement is the מדקדק M’DaQDaiQ (grammarian, pedant). Like a true TACTICIAN he will דקדק  DaQDaiQ (see to details),  דיק DeeYaiQ (be precise —Aramaic) and דק DaQ (scrutinize).   דק DahQ is fine, as in fine points or details.  That which is ground to fineness is הדק HaDaiQ – Exodus 30:36.  Follow this sound and sense to ACUTE and “TALCUM.”

The ד-ק    D-Q   of  דיק DeeYaiQ (exact) is the second sub-root of   צדק    TSeDeQ (justice – see ZODIAC.)   The first sub-root is   צד   TSaD (side – see SIDE) .    


Cognates of TACTICS at Indo-European “root” tag (to set in order) include ATAXIA, HYPOTAXIS, PARATAXIS, SYNTAX, TAXIS and TAXO-.  Japanese kitto (reverse to dental-guttural) means surely, certainly.. as in exactness..   TACT and TAX  are realed to  ToaKH(aN) as "measure." Latin taxare is to assess. TACTFUL in Russian is takteech' (nee). See ORTHODOX and TECHNICAL. TALC or TALCUM (see “TA”CUM) powder is from Arabic talq, related to Arabic daqiq (flour). These derive from  DaQ (fine, minute; a "mote" in Isaiah40:15) and DTaK[H]ah`N (to grind - Exodus32:20).   The DG of dogwai (exactly) fits Dalet-Koof precision in Shoshoni, a Uto-Aztecan language of S.W. American Indians.  The taixi, an ant in Tupi Indian (Brazil), may be a related dental-guttural that speaks to the ant’s small size and amzing precision.  For KT words of smallness see "KITTEN.

Many Dalet-Koof pedant words are found in the AHD’s alleged root dek-1 (to take) amassed by scholars with DOCTORATES in language and no knowledge of Semitic.       Exact, accurate  in Cherokee (Amerind) is  kali (all)  didolagi,  from  דיק  DaYeQ

Judges must be as careful with the rules of law as a DOCTOR of DiQDOOQ (grammar, exactness). A jury of ignorant peers is a travesty.  A DOCENT who must drill DOGMA and DOCTRINE is a tyrant, not a teacher. The AHD traces these DK words not to Dalet-Koof exact pedantry, but to Latin docere (to teach)  which they think means “to cause to accept.  A DOCTORATE involves  the Daled-Koof DQ)  of precision or the Daled-Ayin (D-GH) of knowledge , not  “causing to accept. “


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