Origin of English word HYSTERECTOMY

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The word HYSTERECTOMY is addressed in the entry: STYLE

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[TS-R → ST-L]


Three definitions of Latin stilusare 1) a sharp, slender pointed instrument used in writing; 2) a pen, needle, and 3) an engraving tool. The AHD offers no root, but J.T. Shipley's Indo-European “root”, steig, means stick, prick; pointed, sharp. The Hebrew TSoaR or TSOAR (flint) was a sharp enough object for Moses' wife, sometimes spelled Ziporah, to use in the circumcision of her son (Exodus4:25). The TS-R of TSoaR easily becomes the ST-L of the sharp STILO (dagger), STILETO, and STYLUS. Akkadian surru is a flint.

Moving from shaper to shape, צור   TSOOR is to form, shape or fashion (Exodus 32:4).   – see  ART.”   More Tsadi-Resh at RAZOR
TSOORaH means form, pattern, image, shape, figure, the counterpart and source of STYLE (after a common liquid shift of R to L). TSeeYOOR is a drawing, image or sketch. YaTSaR is the verm of fashioning in which man was created (Genesis 2:7) TSeL(eM) is also an image (Genesis , though not as STYLISH. 

A dental-liquid synonym of TSOORaH is To’AhR, form  (Genesis 39:6).


).  A Polish dagger is a sztylet.  After a liquid shift from Resh/R to L, it resembles a Tsadi-Resh TSoaR, razor, flint. TSoaR is a sharp implement related to thinness or narrowness , TSaR – see STRESS.

Swer is an Indo-European “root” of cutting.  Mark Whibeck traces swer to the Tsadi-Vav-Resh (STVooR or SWR) Stone-Age knife  that Tsiporah used for circumcision. Swer  is the given source of SWORD (see SWORD).   To form or shape things, one has to cut out that form or stle with a  sharp STYLUS.

In Jeremiah1:5 is the statement "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee"  Here יצר YaTSaR (to form or create) is mental, and, like the noun form of STYLE,  it cannot be limited to tactile artistry.

This term combines TSOORaH withYaTSAh (to go out, come forth). HYSTERECTOMY, HYSTERIA and HYSTERICAL are a sexist threesome from Greek hystera (uterus, womb). UTERUS and HYSTERO- should fit here since the womb is the YaTSR(aN) (producer). Here again, the TS of the Tsadi is reversed to the easier ST. Far from denigrating the womb or the woman, Edenic associates YOATSeR (creator) with the TSOOR (God, rock of refuge) as well as with  TSeeYR (birth pang). See STORE.

“Make “ in Chinese is ? zou  X883, where an end-Resh/R is always dropped. [GS] 

Returning to the compensatory artistry of wombless males,  Y-TS-R or

J-TS-(R) may be behind Japanese JUJITSU (art). Yishu is art in Chinese.

The Tsadi-Resh / TS-R  STYLUS or pen is a stylo in French and a toll in Hungarian.

The Tsadi shifts to T in Czech, where tvra means form or shape – like TSOORaH (a form, Ezekiel 43:11) and tvor is a creature – as YiTSOOR means. (Note how the vowelized Vav/OO is the consonant  Vav or V in Czech.)  In Hungarian stylus  means style.

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