Origin of English word JACKALS

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The word JACKALS is addressed in the entry: JACKAL

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[SH-G-L → J-CK-L]




Traced only as far back as Turkish chaggal and the Indo-Aryan Persian shagal (jackal), with the O.E.D. first citing German schakal, this wild dog makes an appearance in Judges 15:4.  Trouble was, King James sportsmen translated it as a fox. Tally-ho!

Samson captures many of these “foxes” to burn the Philistines fields.  Foxes live in isolation, and in a mating pair once a season. The translation of “foxes” was foolish. Jackals, on the contrary, are abundant in the region, and live in densly populated dens.  One fearless Samson could capture 20 JACKALS in one foray.

Echoing the   שועל SHOOGHAL is its   שעל SHaGHaL (bark or couph).  The canine’s SLOUCH and SLINK (see SLUG) may be seen in the related ZaK[H]aL (creep) of this hunting creature [ZKL → SLK], padding on its    שעל SHaGHaL paws (see SOLE).


It appears that once again an animal name has too many relatives, not to have a pedigree with the nomenclature of Adam.  Do you have a more logical reason for Sanskrit srgala, French and Portuguese chacal, or Italian sciacallo all inhabiting the same fricative-guttural-liquid den of wil;d dogs?  Also liquid-shifted to S-R is the Uto-Aztecan dog: sari . The Cherokee (Amerind) fox is tsutla.  This will be a stronger form of the Edenic Shin-Lamed, once Edenicists discover more about the Cherokee T.  The Bible scholars translate תן TahN as jackal.  As תן  T ahn applies to any wild canine, it may be related to the Australian DINGO . Tainokos is a dog for the Chiquitto of Boloivia. Japanese tanuki means fox, racoon-dog; Maya tsamak means fox; fox is

tsamao for the  Araona speakers of the Bolivian Amazon .  Turkish itin is a canine term.  MUTT (a mixed-breed dog) reversed may be a TM variant of a TN etymon; it is currently linked to the epithet "muttonhead."

“ Fox” itself is in a large canine entry, LOBO.

Bible Verses

Judges 15:4 וילך שׁמשׁון וילכד שׁלשׁ־מאות שׁועלים ויקח לפדים ויפן זנב אל־זנב וישׂם לפיד אחד בין־שׁני הזנבות בתוך׃

“And Samson went and caught three hundred foxes, and took torches, and turned tail to tail, and put a torch in the midst between every two tails.”



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