Origin of English word JUDAH

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The word JUDAH is addressed in the entry: ADORE

English Word


Edenic Word


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to glorify


Failing to see the connection between ADORATION and ADULATION (R shifts to L), the dictionaries were even less likely to ADORN their etymologies here with the HDR Edenic term which connotes both esteem and embellish­ment. Instead, for ADORE, the texts give us ad- (the Latin preposition "to") plus oris (mouth). Don't mistake mouthing for the essence of tribute.

הדר HaDaR means to honor or “adorn” (Harkavy) – see HONORARIUM.  HaDaR means to glorify in Proverbs25:6. In Isaiah 63:1 Harkavy renders הדר  HaDaR as “ majestic, glorious.” The sense of nobility and adoration is seen in earlier usesd of HaDaR: "You shall honor ( הדר     HaDaR) the presence of the sage, as you should have awe for your God." -- Leviticus19:32.   The reconstructed Indo-European root for ADORE is or.  This fictional root is cited as the source of  “oration.”  There is no known or theoretical root for Latin adulates, to praise too highly (source of ADULATE). הדר   Hey-Dalety-Resh is related to אדיר Aleph-Dalet-Resh;   האדיר   He’EDeeYR is to glorify (see ADOLPH).  Note the Assyrian adaru  and the ה-ד Hey-Dalet sub-root below.


אדיר ADeeYR  infers nobility and respectability. Adal is "nobility" in Gothic, whence names like ADELE and ADOLF.   הדר   HeDeR is "splendid" and "ornament." Eder is "beautiful" in Basque, the language with no known affinities.  In Old Irish adrad and  adartha mean worship, as in the ADORATION of baby Jesus. In modern Scottish and Irish, the word is adhradh, close to an M231 of    הדר   HaDaR. ( Fearhas MacFhionnlaigh  ).

DEAR, DARLING and other terms of ENDEARMENT mean "worthy of admiration" and are also related to our magnificent Dalet-Resh words: like ADeeYR (noble – see ADOLPH) and HaDOOR (splendid).

Spotlighting the first, Hey-Dalet element of HDR, HOAD means glory and splendor.

  KUDOS is linked to a Greek term of “glory,” kydos.  A guttural Hey can shift to guttural  K,  see HEAD.   

For KUDOS as a KD o DK word, see DUCK.

הודאה      H OAD’aH (to praise) is the likely source of ODE.  Most ancient epic poems were composed to praise a court patron or national hero.  הודאה      HOADA'ah is that noblest praise, thanksgiving.

יהודה JUDAH  is named by Leah in gratitude in Genesis  29:35. יהודה JUDAH  and it’s abbreviated form,. JEW,  are related to this last term, whose root is  Yod-Dalet-Hey/Y or J DH (to give thanks, to praise).  תודה TOADaH is "thanks."  Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's one-word definition for JUDAISM or YIDDISHKEIT is gratitude.  Ingratitude is a form of heresy.

Named for it’s glorious visual splendor , not its pungent taste, is the הדר Hey-Dalet-Resh  Edenic source of CITRUS and CITRON. T he Assyrian adaru (citron), Greek kedros and Latin cedrus,  indicate that the fruit which was  HaDaR (glorious, ADORABLE) for the Tabernacles/Sukkot ritual of Leviticus  23:40 was a CITRUS fruit called the CITRON (or ETRoaG).  In הדר HaDaR, the Hey has hardened in Indo-European (while it softened in Semitic), the Dalet has shifted dentals to T, and the R remained the same.  (After three root consonants one should expect, and ignore, suffixes).  Latin laudare, the immediate source of LAUD, mesns to praise highly. Reverse the DL, shifting the liquid to R, and we have the sound and sense of הדר HaDaR.

Bible Verses

Proverbs 25:6 אל־תתהדר לפני־מלך ובמקום גדלים אל־תעמד׃

Glorify not thyself in the presence of the king, and stand not in the place of great men;”

Isaiah 63:1 מי־זה בא מאדום חמוץ בגדים מבצרה זה הדור בלבושׁו צעה ברב כחו אני מדבר בצדקה רב להושׁיע׃

“‘Who is this that cometh from Edom, with crimsoned garments from Bozrah? This that is glorious in his apparel, stately in the greatness of his strength?’ – ‘I that speak in victory, mighty to save.’”



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