Origin of English word JUXTAPOSE

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[Y-KH-D → JKT]


Latin iuxta means "together;" Latin juxta is "near" or "beside." The attempted  IE “root” yeug (to join) links JUXTAPOSE to YOKE.

  יחד  YaK[H]ahD is to unite (Genesis49:6) or to be together (Genesis22:8).    יחד   YaK[H]aD is together.

"How good and pleasant it is that brothers dwell together -- Psalms133:1.

The ח-ד    Het-Dalet subroot here echoes the   ג-ד    Gimel-Dalet one in TOGETHER,  at  GATHER.


YeeK[H]OOD means "union with God" - akin to YOGA, an official cognate of JUXTAPOSITION.  A YOGI is one who practices this yogah (Sanskrit for union) of body and mind.  Other cognates include ADJOINING, ADJUST, CONJOIN, CONJUGAL, CONJUGATE, CONJUNCTION, ENJOIN, INJUNCTION, JOIN, JOINT  (see JOINT”), JOUST, JUGULAR, JUGUM, JUNCTION, JU(N)CTURE, JUNTA, YOKE, ZEUGMA, ZYGOTE, -ZYGOUS. For these ZG terms see ZYGOTE.  Preferring the Het-Dalet of YaK[H]aD, the Welsh suffix meaning “together” is –cyd.

Back to YKT, ikut is to join in Indonesian. In Cantonese, yihkdov is "also, too, as well;" yatchai is together; yhtaoryhden is "one" in Finnish. "Together" in Finnish is yhdesse; in Hungarian it's egyutt (an M231 metathesis transposed the vowel and guttural).  Also in Hungarian are: egydulallo (single), egyedul (alone)  and    egytert (agree).

חד     [K]HAD is "one" in Aramaic;  א חד  E[K]HaD is the Hebrew counterpart.

In Spanish junta is joint,  juntar is to connect;and junto means together

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