Origin of English word KICKS

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The word KICKS is addressed in the entry: BOOT (verb)

English Word

BOOT (verb)

Edenic Word


Hebrew Word









To kick away or out.


For the noun BOOT, see SABOTAGE.  There is no Indo-European “root” available for the verb BOOT, to kick.  It is easy to assume that BOOTING came after the development of the sturdy shoe, but this may not be so.

בעט   Ba’[A]hDT means to kick or strike out at in Deuteronomy 32:15.  Is there a kick-footware connection?  The word for sneakers or running shoes in slang is KICKS.


O ld French bote means a high shoe, a kick, or to kick out.

In football, the kicked ball is PUNTED.  PUNT is a nasalized (extra N) Ba’[A]hDT, wth a bilabial shift from B to P.  The BUNT in baseball doesn’t have that letter shift.   The zoological BAT BATS the air as it flies.   It doesn’t  flail a BAT (see BAT) or club a the air.  Once again, not every similar noun and verb evolved from usage, as assumed.  There are BT boot words in  Czech,  Lithuanian, Polish, Portiguese and Spanish, but  Latvian baks appears to confirm an etymon with an Ayin (sometimes vowel, sometimes guttural).   The  B-T striking out at should have given us BATTLE snd the milder COMBAT of DEBATE.  The given Indo-European ‘”root” of these B-T words is  battuere (“to beat. Latin verb of unknown origin.”)  Other cognates are ABATE, BATE,  BATTER, BATTERY, RABBET REBATE and REBATO.  More at BEAT.

In Spanish (shifting bilabial B to P) patada is a kick,  patear is to stamp, tramp or kick, while pata is a foot  (of an animal).

More on the BOOT and FOOT connection at PACE.

Many FOOT words like PED-. PEDAL, PEDESTAL  and PEDESTRIAN appear close to the B-DT Edenic kick. The Indo-European “root” ped - 1 (foot) is supposed to be the source of words like FETTER, MILLIPEDE , PEDi-, -POD and PODIATRY.

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