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Middle English killen is to kill, from the Indo-European “root” gwel (to pierce).

KILL has different connations, so three different Edenic guttural-liquid terms are offered.

The most murderous is כלה   KeeLaH (to annihilate – Hosea 11:6 ).  Since Kahf-Lamed means all and wholly, this etymon fits “killing a bottle” or finishing  the whole thing off – see ALL

The second has the best “pierce” linkage to the above.   חלל   K[H]eeLaiL is to pierce or "slay" in Ezekiel28:9.  חלל K[H]aLaL is a corpse (Deuteronomy21:2) - the root infers piercing a hole  – see  HOLLOW.  The third is more like killing time or spoiling something.   קל QiLQaiL is to spoil, damage or destroy.  More ק-ל Koof-Lamed at ACCELERATE.


QUELL and BELONEPHOBIA are the given cognates of KILL.  KeeL(aYOAN) is destruction (Isaiah10:22).  KaLaH is to finish; reverse to luhk for "finish" in Thai.

NaK[H]aR is to kill by stabbing in the throat. Kalte is to hurt or harm in Basqe.

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Geert van den Bos   9/27/2014 12:32:00 AM
I thought English "to kill" is same as Dutch "kelen" -- which means "to cut the throath" (Dutch "keel"= English "throat"). And also that "to kill" is related to Hebrew "kalah" = to be finished, completed, to end, be destroyed. The first word of Genesis 2, "vay'chulu" -- he did cut the creation's throat = finished it. Like Abraham did on mount Moriah.

jamie schloss   2/15/2014 3:04:00 PM
Might it not be any eponymy from Achillies, killer of men? Always made sense to me. He did his killing by spear and its interesting the Hebrew word sound so similar to his name.

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