Origin of English word KINDERGARTEN

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English Word


Edenic Word

GIDeeY + GeDeR

Hebrew Word



Gimel-Dalet-Yod + Gimel-Dalet-Resh




[GD → K+N D , GDR → GRT]


KINDERGARTEN is a GUARDED GARDEN  (see GARDEN) to grow KIDS (see “KID” and GOAT).  In grade school the new generation will learn that putting barbed wire around language barriers and thinking that all languages aren’t musically universal is racist, wrong, and a hindrance to learning foreign vocabulary. KINDERGARTEN was borrowed from German.  Following the cross-references above will show you that the AHD traces German kind, child, to an Indo-European “root” about genetics,  which is lacking a D.  Similarly, it also traces  GARDEN to an Indo-European “root”  without a dental (D or T).

גדי   GiDeeY is a  kid, the young  of goats. An agricultural society would naturally name their rambunctious

     youngsters  after their hyperactive young goats. GD to KND requires a guttural shift (Gimel/G to K) and a nasazization (added N). A second route to kinder, young or small ones, involves a dental shift (Tet/DT to D) and an M132 metahesis of   קטן QaDTaN child, small one.

גדר   GeDeR is a gate to guard fruits in a garden, even fruits of the womb. To hear the GUARD of garten, an Mi32 of GDR is GRD.


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