Origin of English word KINGDOM

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The word KINGDOM is addressed in the entry: DEAN

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The alleged Indo-European “root” is dekm (ten). Greek deka (ten) is thought to be the source of DEAN, (AHD). Webster’s prefers Late Latin decanus, a leader of ten soldiers. Somehow, DEACON is not related. The definitions point to a judge, not a petty military officer. These include: 1) a university administrator in charge of discipline and conduct, 2) the chief judicial officer in England’s ecclesiastical court, 3) a Scottish magistrate. Besides the sense, the sound of Latin damnare, to condemn or fine, is only a nasal shift away. In Edenic,  DaYaN is a judge (Psalms68:6).  DahN is to punish or "judge" (Genesis15:14). DeeYN is law, judgment, justice, litigation and, in Deuteronomy17:18, a legal plea as in to DUN. The theoretical Indo-European “root” for DAMN, DAMAGE and CONDEMN is dap, to apportion  (in exchange). DT[A]hM is a judgment or decree (Jonah3:7). DT-MN antonyms at DUMB.



The one sensible cognate via the alleged Indo-European “root” is DOYEN.  Shifting nasals from N to M,  a judge or DEEMSTER used to DEEM (judge) or pronounce his DOOM (judgement). Tax law was enforced at a Spanish aduana (custom house).  –DOM is about legal jurisdiction in the KINGDOM or  מדינה   MeDeNaH (state).  The DUMA, the Russian duma, is thebody of law-making and governance.  The legislators DEEMING here appear to favor the infinitive  דון DOON, to judge, rule, govern  (Genesis 6:3).  More at DAMN  and MADONNA .

Bible Verses

Psalms 68:6 אבי יתומים ודין אלמנות אלהים במעון קדשׁו׃

“A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in His holy habitation.”

“ In His holy dwelling God is t he father of the fatherless, and the judge of the widows.” Psalms 68:5 (MKJV)



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