Origin of English word LAUGH

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to laugh at or to mock


LAUGH is from Anglo-Saxon hleahhan; akin to German lachen. The Indo-European base is gleg',the alleged Indo-European “root” is kleg. Both are to mean "to cry out, sound."

  קול QOAL (L-K/G reversed) is a sound or call  – see  CALL

A better etymon is    לעג La’[A]hG or La’GHaG (to jest, to laugh at or "to mock"). In Proverbs17:5 the term is parallel to the verb "rejoice."

The built-in synonym and antonym of   לעג   La’[A]G is the reverse,  גילה GeeYLaH (rejoicing – see “GALA.)”  Here the laughter is with others, not at others.  The opposite of     ל - ג   Gimel-Lamed or    ל-ג Lamed-Gimel laughter is the    ל-ג Lamed-Gimel rancor at GALL.


Since L and R are interchangeable liquids, it is possible that the slang RAG (to tease -"origin uncertain") is from the captioned term or    לגלג LeeGLaiG (to jeer, make fun of).

Reversing to GL renders    גיל GeeYL (rejoice)  – see  GALA.  LA(R)K (a prank) may derive from our Lamed-(soft) Ayin-Gimel with an R added to aid pronunciation. LARK and (WED)LOCK, however, are officially thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” leig (to leap, tremble).  (DeeY)LooG is to jump, while (G-L reversed)  K[H]aiL is to tremble.       Non-English LAUGH words  from  לעג     La’[A]G   include:

Afrikaans             lag

Basque               algara  (laughter)

Dutch                   lachte                                                             

German               lachen

Greek                gélio   [LG reverses to LG]

Hmong               luag (giggle)

Irish                  ghair    [L shifts liquids to R, + the RG reverses]

Turkish               gül mek             [LG reverses צחק to LG]

                         Yiddish                          lach in

Bible Verses

Proverbs 17:5 לעג לרשׁ חרף עשׂהו שׂמח לאיד לא ינקה׃

“Whoso mocketh the poor blasphemeth his Maker; and he that is glad at calamity shall not be unpunished.”



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