Origin of English word LAZY

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[U-TS-L → LZY]


Maybe it’s indolence, but the best etymological dictionaries all shrug and say “origin unknown.”

In 1549 LAZY looked like laysy.  

The צל Tsadi-Lamed is being read backwards, or with an M312 metathesis.  עצל [A]TSahL is idle, slothful (Judges 18:9) and עצל   [A]TSeL is a sluggard (Proverbs 6:6). See LAZY.   Instead of making hay while the sun shines, he 1.  עצה  [A]TSaH (shuts down  -- Proverbs 16:30) in the protective shade  2.  צל   TSeL (Numbers 14:9).

More  צל Tsadi-Lamed at LIST.


[A]hTSLOOS means LAZINESS in Proverbs 31:27.  עצלן    [A]TSLahN  is a lazy person.

Aleph-Tsadi-Lamed is also to lay aside.     Arabic  atal  means at leisure.  Hungarian lusta is lazy  (lazy) , a reversal of   עצל [ A]TSeL .  The Russian  ustali (tired)  barely has to work to  be seen to come from    עצל   [A]TSeL,  sluggish or lazy.

There is no IE “root” for SLOTH. The S, T and L of SLOTH should have demanded the attention of less SLOTHFUL and prejudiced scholars.    עצלה [ A]hTSLaH  in Proverbs 19:15 is “sloth” (Harkavy).   In Marathi (Bombay) lazy is aa-hla-shee, an M132 metathesis of עצל [ A]TSeL   with a S-F or fricative shift from TS to SH .   Ava  Miedzinski sees  guttural-liquid-friccative   חלש    [K]HaLaSH (weak – see HEALTH.) as related.

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