Origin of English word LEAN-TO

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The word LEAN-TO is addressed in the entry: CLIMATE

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CLIMATE comes from Greek klima (region, zone).

The guttural pronunciation of עולם [O]aLaM (world, eternity) is really עולם GHOALaM.  GH is a close guttural away from the Greek K. Especially in the Aramaic עולמה [O]aLMaH or עולם GHoaLaM (world), the sense is clearly the habitable region and not a planet.  In Scripture the term infers time zones ("ages" in Ecclesiastes1:10), while the rabbinic phrase  הבא עולם [O]aLUM  HABAh  (the world to come) suggests a twilight zone or afterlife beyond the realms of time and space. The antonym   עלם [O]aLahM or GHoaLahM (to disappear  -- Deuteronony 22:1) is a spacial term, not a temporal one.

In theology, the two are synonyms, as in This World, the עולם [O]aLaM (world) as we know it, the Creator is נעלם   N’ELaM (invisible).  Such are the rules of the video game we live in.


Perhaps REALM is related, if the R is unhistoric. REALM is currently linked with "regal"

under the IE “root” reg- 1 ( to move in a straight line).  CLIME is another form of CLIMATE. As for the other CLIMB, as in INCLINE and CLIMAX, one might connect this word to $OOLahM (ladder) through the Greek klimax (ladder) and the hard C (K), soft C (S) confusion. The alleged Indo-European root of CLIMATE and LEAN (to rest) is klei (to lean). LEAN and LOUNGE (to loll - origin unknown) may link up with  LOON (to rest or stop for the night; to remain) and the LEAN-TO (hut) with the  (Mi)LOONaH (hut) – see LILAC..  The Ayin can be silent in the Edenic world word, leaving L and M.

 L interchanges with the other liquid, R, and words often reverse. So, [O]LaM is not light years away from the Russian word for world, and it’s space station: mir.

Ava Miedzinski suggests that ELIMINATE might link to the “removed” sense of עלם [E]LM. ELIMINATION has no Indo-European “root,” and the printed etymology is credited to a Latin phrase meaning ”out of doors.” Ava (as in חוה or Eve who should know the language of Eden) also links ELEMENT to עולם [O]aLaM (world) . ELEMENTARY has no Indo-European “root,” and Latin elementum referred to what they saw as the four basic realms of all things: earth, air, fire and water.

ELIMATE does not derive from Ayin-Lamed-Mem. It is from Latin elimare, to polish. Reverse to מלל MaLaL, to rub – B-Y).

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