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LID is said to be from Old English hlid (cover), from a Germanic root meaning "that which bends over."the alleged Indo-European “root” is somehow klei (to lean). Keep in mind that EYELIDS are mainly about protection. לאט   La’AhDT is to cover or muffle (II Samuel 19:5). For more etymons that do not bend over backwards, note the ל-ט Lamed-Tet/ L-DT  sub-root of LIDDED, covered, protected words beginning with לוט LOOT ( to cover, conceal –  I Samuel 21:10) and לוט LOADT (a cover, veil – Isaiah 25:7).  לוט  LOADT (Abraham's nephew Lot) is rescued from the Biblical world war (Genesis14) and is a shielded escapee from the destruction of Sodom (Genesis18).  Relevant extensions include פלט  PLaDT (to be saved, to escape – Ezekiel 7:16),    and  שלט SHeLeDT source of SHIELD and, likely, SHELTER – see SHIELD.      Reverse liquid-dental for a covering we call TILE, see TILE.


לאט La’ADT is  also slowly (see LATE) or to speak softly (Job 15:11), as though covered up.         בלט Ba ’ LahDT is “secretly” (EDK) or "under cover."  The HLD and KL etymons from our dictionaries point to QoLaT  (to retain, hold). The Koof here can shift to an H for HOLD -– see CLOT).

LID should join LATENT and LETHARGY at Indo-European “root” ladh (to be hidden) in linking up with words like  LADT (covert), and LOODTaH (concealed) .Akkadian lituis a curtain.

Slight-of-hand concealing (LID) and revealing could be why לט LahDT (secret arts –Exodus 7:22) is a liquid-dental.  The ancient Egyprian ILLUSIONISTS may be revealed in the Indo-European “root” leid (to play, jest). LD derivatives from this Etruscan  and Latin word include:  for ALLUDE, COLLUDE, DELUDE, ELUDE, ILLUSION, INTERLUDE, PRELUDE and PRELUSION . ( Al L. Ansley)

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