Origin of English word LIME

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The word LIME is addressed in the entry: ELM

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Like the Hebrew   אילן EeYLahN (tree), the ELM is a generic name for hardy shade trees. The stump of Latin ulmus (elm) is the Indo-European “root” el (red, brown  – see  the previous entry). The el root corresponds to אלה   AyLaH (terebinth tree in Genesis35:4). Four verses later, in Genesis35:8, is the  אילן EeYLahN (oak tree, any large shade tree). אילם   AYLiM (literally "terebinth trees" or "grove of oaks") is the name of the tree-filled oasis of Exodus15:27.  A liquid shift brings us to another tree, as ארן OaReN is a cedar, pine or fir (Isaiah 44:14). א-ר-ן   Aleph-Resh-Noon figures in other words at NIB and URN.


The Southern Israeli city of AYLahT (Eilat) is also a tree name. The Indo-European “root” el only takes in the ALDER and ELDER trees. ULMACEOUS means of the Elm family. ULM, Germany is probably related, as is the ALAMO - from a Spanish term for the cottonwood or poplar tree.

ALMUG and ALGUM trees are official borrowings from Hebrew AhLGOOM. The ILANG-ILANG tree (Tagalog), the LINDE(N) and the LIME tree all are related liquid-nasal trees. Shifting liquids, L to R, Hebrew branches include  OReN (trees of pine or fir) and [A]hRMOAN (chestnut tree). That MR is reversed in a Japanese grove or forest:  mori.  LM is reversed in the Hawaiian  and Proto Polynesian shade tree: milo.  Linis a forest in Chinese. Lemn and legne are the words for "wood" in Rumanian and Italian . Shift liquids Lamed to R for a ceder-like tree in Sumerian: eren.  More trees at ASH TREE and TREE.

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