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Late Latin matta is a MAT. A MAT is "a flat, coarse fabric of woven hemp... as a floor covering... doormat.

Probable etymons include:    מטוה  MaDTVeH (yarn, web - Exodus35:25),      מטה MeeDTaH (couch, "bed" - Genesis 45:2) and   מטה   MaDTaH (down, below, under - Deuteronomy28:43) are offered from Hebrew.  Requiring just a fricative shift,         מצע MaTS[A]h is a couch or bed in Isaiah 28:20.

Old French meteres and English MATTRESS are already attributed to Arabic matrah (throw cushion).  There are many Indo-European and related nasal-dental  roots at NETHER (below). 


The German mattress is Matratze.  A second MAT is from Arabic mat, exhausted – see   CHECKMATE. Throughout human history the "bed" was more often a MATTED MATTE (mat of rushes). The Mem-Tet words above are officially linked to  NaDTaH (to stretch, incline, lower – see NET). Many words for down, under and beneath have an N-DT root to match the M-DT of  MaDTaH (down, below, under). Indo-European “root” ndher (under) includes INFERIOR, INFERNAL, INFERNO, INFRA- and UNDER. IE “root” ni (down) takes in BENEATH, NEST, NETHER, and UNDERNEATH (see NETHER). NADIR (now linked to Arabic) and NOTORNIS (Greek notos is south) are also related. For "downs" see "UNDULATE."  MaDTaH ought to appear in some global “down” words.  Here are some nasal and dental shifts that prove that NADIR did not  have to come from Arabic. “Down” words include  Danish and Norwegian ned, German neider, Polish na dot and Swedish nedat. For other “down” words, see ROOT, SOUTH and BASIS.

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