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Old Norse mjukr (soft) and Indo-European “root” meug (slimy, slippery) are the given etymons for MEEK (humble, submissive).

מך   MaKH is lowly, depressed, or the impoverished of Leviticus 27: 8 ;  מוך   MOOKH is soft material  (B-Y); MoaKHaKH is to sink, fall or be humiliated;     מג  MahG is to melt; מוגג  MOAGahG is to soften and  הת    מוגג   HiTMOAGaiG is to become soft, to melt away or to flow. MUCILAGE, MUCO-, and MUCUS are cognates of MEEK. The best picture of MEEKNESS using the MG of     מוג לב  MOOG LaiBH (of a cowardly heart) is in Exodus15:5 where the Canaanite enemy are so submissive that they are " melted away." The built-in opposite of MK lowliness is KM ascendancy – see ACME.


Spanish mengua .a nasalized M-G word, precisely means  the decrease, lack and poverty of מך MaKH. 

MahG, melting away, often means losing heart, becoming fearful and docile as in Exodus 15:15  – see  MUCK. Mem-Khaf meekness in the Torah requires Tahf-Mem-Khaf, support.Hungarian  tamogat  (to support)  is a match for TaMahKH (to support – Exodus 17:12).

MEECH, an archaic verb, is to cringe or be falsely humble. Alleged cognates of MEEK not mentioned above include EMUNCTORY, MATCH, MOIST (see MEAD),  MUGGY, MUSTY, -MYCETE, MYCO-, SCHMUCK, SMOCK, SMUG (see SMUG), SMUGGLE and STREPTOMYCIN.  See MUCK.

Just as the MG Hebrew etymons fit MEEK (an MK term from an MG root), MEAGER goes better with MAKH (poor).  The German is mager.  Reverse Vietnamese giam (reduce).

KM synonyms include QaMahDT (to bow down, to compress, to contract – Job 16:8); KM antonyms include QOOM (to rise).

To MOW a lawn if from the Indo-European “root” muk, so one might think mowing is making one’s lawn NaMOOKH (low). But muk means the opposite, a heap, so MOW and MOGUL may be from a reversal ofKoof-Mem words like QaMaH (standing corn).

The Mem-Het, 2nd element of   קמח QeMa[K]H  belongs here.  Polish reverses M-K to maka In their word for flour..  Japanese  flour is komugiko.

See  MEGALOMANIAC for the nasal-guttural opposite of MEEK.

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