Origin of English word MEGALOMANIAC

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ripen, mature, wean, grow large


Greek megalo means great, from IE “root” meg (great). GaMaL means to ripen, mature, “wean,” or grow large (Genesis21:8). In this verse, Isaac reaches MAJORITY (metathesis גמל   GaMaL, remembering that guttural G shifts to J, and  that liquid L shifts to R). The largest animal in the Middle East is the   גמל GaMaL (camel, Genesis 24:11).  See CAMEL.   גמר  GaMaR means to complete;  to end or cease in Psalms 12:2, or to achieve perfection in the Aramaic of Ezra 7:12.            כמר   KaMaR is to ripen; גמר    GaMaR means complete, learned (intellectual greatness or mastery - Aramaic of Ezra7:12). Thus    גמרא GeMaRAh is the Talmud is Jewish Aramaic.  The weaning of the heading is about completion and growing up; GML shifts liquids to  GMR (liquid shift).


The many cognates of MEGALO- and MEGA- words include: MAESTRO, MAGISTERIAL, MAGISTRATE, MAGNATE, MAGNITUDE, MAGNUM, MAGNANIMOUS, MAGNIFICENT, MAGNIFY, MAGNILOQUENT, MAHATMA, MAHARAJAH, MAJOR, MASTER, MISTER, MAXIMUM, MAY (month), MICKLE (from Old Norse mikill, great), MUCH and OMEGA. MACRO- words are related; Greek makros and Australian Aborigine murr-ka means large.          Echoing GaMaR (completion) is KaMaR (to ripen).        Proof that Gimel-Mem-Lamed means attaining majority, not “weaning” in Genesis 21:8 is the fact that “old” is gammal or gammel in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. 

RW suspects that that the following words for “old” are also from   GaMaL:  In geros, “old’ in Greek, the liquid has shifted, and the  Mem/M    has been dropped.   With a Mem/M dropped, lao in Chinese and  gae in Thai are more possible forms of GaMaL.

Other “old” words at ANCIENT and SENILE.  The sense development or relationship between weaning (being too old or large for breastfeeding) appears in two Harkavy definitions of עתיק  [A]TeeYQ: 1. weaned (Isaiah 29:9), 2. old (I Chronicles 4:22).

MAJESTY and MAJORITY are widely borrowed words, as seen in German Majestat and Major. The MEGALOMANIAC is far from MEEK. Nasal-guttural

synonyms and antonyms are at ACME and MEEK.

Maturity implies “finished.” “absolute,” “complete,” and “full” in Farsi (Iran, IE) is kamel. This is a guttural and liquid shift from GaMOOR (complete).

Bible Verses

Genesis 21:8 ויגדל הילד ויגמל ויעשׂ אברהם משׁתה גדול ביום הגמל את־יצחק׃

“And the child grew, and was weaned. And Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned.”



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