Origin of English word MERCY

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please have mercy


At the”MARKET” entry you’ll see the ludicrous attempt to put a word of pity (MERCY) with pitiless mercenary, mercantile words.  Sure they are spelled similarly, but music AND meaning are necessary.  Unlike language, spelling IS human.  Rest assured that MERCIFUL is not from MoaKHeR (to sell) like the words at the MARKET entry.

רחם   RaK[H]eM, to have mercy, compassion (I Kings 8:50).   RaK[H]aMaNOOT means mercy, pity or compassion.  The Resh-Het-Mem root underwent an M312 metathesis. רחם   RaK[H]eM means “please have mercy” (Genesis 43:14, Exodus 34:6).  Two synonyms in Edenic require metathesis of our liquid, guttural, nasal elements.    חמל K[H]aMAL means to spare, have pity (Deuteronomy13:9); K[H]eMLaH means pity, compassion. The metathesis here would be a simple M132.   מחל MaK[H]aL (to pardon, forgive, grant CLEMENCY is postbiblical but not borrowed).

Metathesis of the ר-ח-ם Resh-Het-Mem also provides a built-in antonym. חרם      K[H]aReM is to fully destroy, exterminate  (Isaiah 34:5). 


The nurturing womb brought the maternal instinct and compassion into the world. A womb is thus a ReK[H]eM (Genesis 49:25). The Merciful One who designed wombs and words is HaRaK[H]aMaN.  Merced is Spanish mercy.

Resh-Het-Mem makes a good “please” word, like Hungarian kerem. Here the metathesis is M213. It also makes an appropriate word to thank one for being compassionate, like French merci (thanks). The Het-Mem warmth of womb-engendered MERCY is tyaken up at AMITY.  More at  CLEMENCY.

Bible Verses

Genesis 43:14 ואל שׁדי יתן לכם רחמים לפני האישׁ ושׁלח לכם את־אחיכם אחר ואת־בנימין ואני כאשׁר שׁכלתי שׁכלתי׃

“and God Almighty give you mercy before the man, that he may release unto you your other brother and Benjamin. And as for me, if I be bereaved of my children, I am bereaved.”



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