Origin of English word MEZZANINE

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[(E)M-TS-A → MZA]


MEZZANINE (lower balcony or sub-story in a building) is from Italian mezzo (half, medium, moderate and middle). MESO-/ Greek mesos (middle) is from Indo-European “root” medhyo (middle).

אמצע   EMTS[A]h  means middle;    מציע MiTSeeYAh  means middle, midst or average in Aramaic.   מצע MeTS[A], middle is confirmed by Proto-Semitic with Aramaic and Syriac cognates.  (Tsadi/TS –to-D shifts at LUTE.)      מזוזה MiZOOZaH (doorpost or MEZUZAH) refers to the Scriptural passage placed in the middle of the doorposts, which were in the middle of each home (Deuteronomy 6:9).  The Akkadian doorpost is the nasalized ma(n)zazu, while nazazu is to stand..


Arabic nisf and Swahili nusu means half (NS is interchangeable with MS).  Russian mezkde means between. Reversing to ZM,  [E]TSeM means bone, body, substance, ESSENCE, and should also be rendered as "middle part." The term in Exodus12:41 should not be be translated inanely as "on that selfsame day," but "at midday" - as also evidenced by the similar Chinese term zhong (center, middle, neutron, core, middle finger, backbone, noon and midday). See OSTEOMA." Chinese zhuuzi is a pillar. Cognates and related words should include: AMID, INTERMEDIATE, MEAN, MEDIAL, MEDIAN, MEDIATE, MEDIEVAL, MEDIOCRE, MEDITERRANEAN, MEDIUM, MERIDIAN, MESO-, MESOLITHIC, MESOSPHERE, MEZZO-, MIZZEN, MIZZENMAST, MIDDLE, MILIEU, and MITTEN. From Greek meta (between) comes words like METATARSUS

( the middle part of the foot) and METATHESIS. There are some META- words that do not fit Greek meta, beside,  that are covered in METAL.   SeeMETER.

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