Origin of English word MIAMI

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Indo-European did not take to Edenic water, מים  MaYiM.  IE uses other AQUEOUS (water-like) terms for AQUA or water, like the Edenic QaV (line, a QUE in British English... since water finds its level and the first reference to the ocean or lower water is the MiQVeH MaYim, the gathering or pool of water, the YaMiM, seas of Genesis 1:11.  Only from the American Indian place name, the MIAMI river and city, does English get a link to  the Edenic term used for water in Hebrew,  מים MaYiM  (Genesis 1:2).


American Indian water words include American rivers such as the MAUMEE (Indiana), MIAMI (Florida), and MIANUS (New York);   Cherokee “water” is ma-ma. Maidu Indian (California) mom means water.  The minn  in Minnesota (from Dakota/Sioux/Amerind) should mean water. In Uto-Aztecan   meme-t means ocean.    Swahili maji is water; the Arabic is ma.  Cantonese yang is an ocean, while  yam means drink; Chinese muyu means bath; Japanese umi means sea. Thai water reverses to nahm. Since river water is drinkable, not ocean water, Basque ur, Indonesian air, and Modern Greek nero are water terms drawn from NaHaR (river – Genesis 2:10)    Genesis 1:20 concurs with scientists who feel that life began in the water. An Edenic language aught to link “origin” and “water.” The Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “of” and “water” is the equivalent of  Edenic NOON.  At Babel, a nasal shift from Mem created the Egyptian N.  MeeN is “from “ (Genesis 1:11) ; MaYiM, water, is above.         See  AQUA and OCEAN.

Bible Verses

Genesis 1:2 והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשׁך על־פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים׃

“Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters.”



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