Origin of English word MIGRATE

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dwell temporarily


Latin migrare is to change one’s place of living. No T.  The theoretical Indo-European root only addresses the M element, as mei- 1   is to change, go or move.  M, like an initial Mem, is often a prefix, so the G-R element is more important.  This entry will attempt to demonstrate how the AHD sinned by not loving the G-R.  גר GaR is to dwell temporarily (Genesis 35:27). גר GaiR is a stranger (Genesis 23:4), who MIGRATED from elsewhere. The noun and verb orms are together in Exodus12:48. MiGOOReeYM  means “sojourn” in the Ben-Yehuda dictionary.

The stranger or MIGRANT  has often been esxpelled from his land. גרש   GaRaSH is expel (Exodus 34:11).  גרושה GROOS HaH is a divorced woman (Numbers30:10).  See  GRASS WIDOW (discarded mistress) at GRASS.   The landless, penniless  ג-ר-ש   G-R-SH person combines our  Gimel-Resh sub-root of expulsión with   Resh-Shin.  רש   RahSH is a poor person  (I Samuel 18:23).


A theological newcomer or convert is a GaiR. Hagar’s name means “The Convert.”  Ger shom, the “stranger in a strange land” is also named from this root (Exodus 2:22 – KJV).  The GR stranger term shifts to GL in the Irish town of Galway (stranger’s town).   Nasalize MIGRATE and there are IMMIGRANTS and EMIGRANTS,  with some MIGRANT workers MIGRATING more often than geese.

One who “sojourns in her house” is MeeGaR(aT BaiTaH)  in Exodus 3:22.

Japanese magari-(nin) is a roomer or lodger who is magari (suru) renting a room.  

Gimel-Vav-Resh is the formal infinitive of dwelling. A dwelling or tent is ger in Mongolian. Dwelling is ghar in Hindi. Gari is a settlement or town in Hausa (Hamitic).

 For GR circling around, see GYRE.

GIAOUR, a non-Moslem, is from Turkish giaur or Persian gaurigabr  (both given etymons are non-Semitic languages.) גר  GaiR is our “stranger” word (Exodus2:22).

Bible Verses

Genesis 35:27 ויבא יעקב אל־יצחק אביו ממרא קרית הארבע הוא חברון אשׁר־גר־שׁם אברהם ויצחק׃

“ And Jacob came unto Isaac his father to Mamre, to Kiriatharba - the same is Hebron - where Abraham and Isaac sojourned.



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