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assign a name or value to


MONEY is said to come from Old French muneie, Latin moneta (a mint), Latin monere (to remind, warn, advise) and the Indo-European “root” men (to think). Greek and Latin mina (weight) is not cited, perhaps because it is linked to Semitic along with MAUND. MAUND, mana in Sanskrit, is a unit of weight in India, Turkey and Iran.

MaNeH is a weight or coin (Ezekiel45:12); מנה  MaNaH is to count or number, as in "counted the money" (IIKings12:11).  MiNAy is to number, to quote from the Aramaic of the handwriting on the wall (Daniel5:25).      מנה MoaNeH is to assign a name (or value) to --  Psalms 147:4.

MaMOAN is money; Webster's traces MAMMON from Greek to Aramaic mamona (riches), and from ma'mon (that which is made secure or deposited) to 'aman (to trust). For the Hebrew source of MAMMON (and perhaps of MONEY) see AMENABLE. 


Latin munero (to give) is related to MaNaH (portion - Leviticus7:33). Latin nummulus (little coin) suggests that some NM or MN money terms may be reated to NAME (as in naming or assigning value). MeeNaH Is to appoint (I Chronicles 9:29); MeeYN is a specie or kind; another NAME (MN reversed) for coin is specie.  For a denomination f our sspecies, Japanese min zoku means a race or people.

The given cognates of MONEY, such as MUSTER or MONSTER, do not have any MONETARY sense, with the exception of MINT. Similarly, the Indo-European “root” men (to project) is the given source of AMOUNT instead of superior etymons like MeeNYahN (quorum, "number"— Ezra6:17).

MANDATE (to entrust, order) is placed with Indo-European “root” man (hand), but    MON EY  smacks of   אמון AhMOON (trust – see AMENABLE ) and  נה        מ MeeNaH (to appoint, as in appointing a value). ENUMERATE and NUMBER are verbs placed at Indo-European “root” nem (to assign, allot) - they are not linked to any of the MN terms above.

Latin moneta (mint, money) is conjectured to be from Phoenician origin by etymologist Ernest Klein.      See MINUS, MOON, MANNER  and NUMBER.

Bible Verses

Psalms 147:4 מונה מספר לכוכבים לכלם שׁמות יקרא׃

“He counteth the number of the stars; He giveth them all their names.”



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