Origin of English word MORON

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youth, boy, lad


Greek moron is a form of moros (foolish), which is related to moro (baby in Modern Greek). A MORON is childish, officially rated to have the intellect of an 8-12 year old.

נער NoaGHaR is youth;    נער Na'[A]hR means boy lad, youth (Exodus2:6);               נערות   Na’[A]hROOT is puerility, foolishness or immaturity. Pronounced    נערות Na’[A]ROOS, it is more clearly the source of Yiddish narishkeit, foolishness or being MORONIC. German Narr is a fool, as in a person who acts like an adolescent.


[E]LeM (young man – I Samuel17:56) and [A]LMaH young woman – Genesis 24:43), like Na’[A]R, is a youth word made up an ayin, a nasal and a liquid.  Hungarian leany (girl) is closer to [A]LMaH, but Na’[A]RaH is a girl (Genesis 24:14). Marya is youth in Sanskrit.

From the IE “root” mo(u)ro (foolish) we add OXYMORON.  German Narr is a fool,. The Indo-European “root” mari (young woman) is only an M → N change from  Na’[A]RaH (young woman). MARITAL and MARRY are traced to the reconstructed Indo-European “root” mari (young woman).  The Poilish for “bride”, narzeczona,  appears to be a form of Na’GHaRah (young woman – Isaac’s theoretical bride in Genesis 24:14.  Other bride words have shifted nasal to M-R, such as French mariee, Rumanian mireasa and Finnish miorsian.     More childlike morons at EL NINO.   See  MARRY and NEW.

Bible Verses

Exodus 2:6 ותפתח ותראהו את־הילד והנה־נער בכה ותחמל עליו ותאמר מילדי העברים זה׃

“And she opened it, and saw it, even the child; and behold a boy that wept. And she had compassion on him, and said: ‘This is one of the Hebrews' children.’”


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