Origin of English word MOROSE

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emotionally bitter


Yet another amorphous invention of the AHD is the so-called Indo-European “root” mer- 1 “expressing certain qualities of mind.”  MOROSE (gloomy, sullen) is somehow listed as a cognate of MORALE and MOOD.  These scholars missed  German murrisch  (surly, sullen).  

מר MahR means emotionally bitter (I Samuel 22:2). In the book of Ruth, the MOROSELY bitter, widowed Naomi (whose name means “pleasant’) wants to be called מרה  MaRAh (bitter – Ruth 1:20).  


מרה   MaRAh or MaRaH (Deuteronomy 21:1) can also harden to mean obstinate and rebellious. מרד MeR eD is a rebellion (Genesis 14:4), as they are a) מר MR MOROSE and bitter movements aimed at b) רד   RD  (see ROOT) bringing . down the power structure.

 The AHD would have MORAL and MORES as cognates of MOROSE, since scholars of this caliber associate ethics with a “state of mind”--  similar to way they link “God” and “giddiness.”  The Edenics supporters who want to bury the slipshod etymologies now in print must be rebellious, but not surly.  Polish markotniec (in low spirits) suggests more than sullen MORENESS; the מר MR could be a reversal and opposite of רמ  R-M high spirits seen at RUM. Other bitter M-Rs in Polish include marmolada (MARMOLADE – see MYRTLE) ,  maruda (grumbler), marynata (MARINADE, pickling in brine) and morski (MARITIME).   Latin amarus (bitter) covers the bitter taste of   מר MahR, See MARASCHINO at ”MARINE” and MYRTLE.

Bible Verses

I Samuel 22:2 ויתקבצו אליו כל־אישׁ מצוק וכל־אישׁ אשׁר־לו נשׁא וכל־אישׁ מר־נפשׁ ויהי עליהם לשׂר ויהיו עמו כארבע מאות אישׁ׃

“And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became captain over them; and there were with him about four hundred men.”



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