Origin of English word MORTAL

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Edenic Word


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Ma-WET (normally Ma-VET)




The Indo-European " root "   mer -2   (to rub away, harm) is the given source of deadly M,R + dental (D,T) works like MORTAL, MORTALITY, MORTIFY, MORTUARY, MURDER and POSTMORTEM. Sanskrit mrt means death, whence AMRITA  from amrta, IMMORTAL.The ancient Sanskrit  and the Latin stem mort (death) are more reliable that the AHD’s hypothetical alchemy which may rub you the wrong way. 

Edenic has that initial    מ Mem/M and end-dental, ת     Tahf/T, (S),TH in its primary word for the noun and verb of death and dying,   מות    MaVeT (Genesis 23:4). “He shall surely die” is   מות ימות    MOAT YaMOOT (Genesis 2:17).  The middle letter, The    ו Vav/V,W is not usually behind an R.    A    מת   MaiT is a dead body. The    ו Vav is not essential, and liquids (L,R) have been known to appear with flimsier ionvitations than Vavs.  Arabic death is mawt.  More on  ו Vav/V,W as a source for R below.

Reversing the    מ-ת Mem-Tahf of Edenic death is   ת-ם Tahf-Mem,      תם   ToaM means completion (Deuteronomy 31:24).                    Just   -ת מ  Mem-Tahf  MORTALITY, and more “death” words at CHECKMATE.


  IE “root” mer -2  (to rub away, harm) is also the given source of  AMARATH, AMORTIZE, MORBID, MORDANT, MORDENT, MORSEL, MORTGAGE, MORTAR, MURRAIN, NIGHTMARE and REMORSE.  Outside of MORTGAGE, of course, these are not MURDEROUS enough to belong together.

“Dead meat” may be more than an expression. MEAT is from an animal which is  מת      MaiT (dead). See MEAT.

Vav and Resh, which look alike, have a special relationship. Resh can be WR, and the “Cwazy Wabbit Rule” establishes a Resh/R to V,W affinity.

If Vav can become an Indo-European R, the following Edenic links can be made:

CORPUS, IE “root” k w rep  (body), can be from Gimel-Vav-Phey, GWooPH, body

EMBARRASS, Latinembarazzare (to impede), can be from Bet-Vav-Shin, to be ashamed

MARROW, IE “root” mozgo ( marrow), can be from  Mem-Vav-Het, MOWahK[H], brain

MURAL, Latin murus (wall), can be from Mem-Vav-Lamed, MWooL, facing one

OR (conj.), Old English oththe (other), can be from Aleph-Vav, OaW, or 

See OR and CZAR

Death is exhaustion.  Moutaab is thus tired in Arabic. The Tahf  of Edenic exhaustion (death) shifts dentals to D in the “tired” words of  Dutch (vermoeid ) German (mude) and Yiddish (mied). With “vas” a prefix, Finnish vasynyt (tired)  appears to be a nasal shift from our Mem-Tahf/MT dead-tired etymon.

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