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NICHE, a recess or hollow, is from French niche. An NK etymon was unavailable. French wasn’t old enough to support the hollow case for a classical, white home for European words, so the Latin nidus, nest, was awkwardly forced into the etymology.the alleged Indo-European “root” is nizdo (bird’s nest), which rings hollow in both sound and sense.

נקיק NiQeeYQ is a cleft or crevise in rock (Isaiah 7:19).

נקב NeQe[V] is a (hole, perforation – Ezekiel 28:13), and also the verb "to bore" (IIKings12:10).  NiQai[V]aH is female (Genesis 1:27), and the receiving cavity in modern electronics terminology as well.  NiQ[V]aH is a tunnel; NaQ[V]aH a subterranean passage in Old South Arabic. Some Semitic NQ[V] terms mean female (see below), but most are verbs of  piercing  or cutting out a NICHE or NICK – see NICK.


It is disrespectful to call one’s queen a receptacle or mere niche interest of a king.  But QUEEN, from an alleged IE “root” gwen (woman), is an M231 metathesis of NeQe[V].  A Japanese “lady,” fugin, fares no better  -- a typical reversal of Edenic, and of our Noon-Koof-Bet root that better fits “female” electric sockets. More NK woman words at NOOK.   Kong, hollow in Chinese, may stress the Noon-Koof, but see CAVITY for the many words that prefer the Koof-Bhet second half. Also reversing NK, the Cantonese hole is ken.  Polish naciac is to incise or notch – also see NOTCH.

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