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NOOK is said to be linked to words meaning "hook," "to drive back," "the neck," and, on the IE base and root level, "something compressed." A NOOK, however, is a small recess, a secluded retreat.

God shields Moses in a "cleft of the rock" in Exodus33:22;   נקרה NiQRaH is defined as a crevice or hole. נקור    NeeQOOR is chiseling. Even closer to NOOK in the family of NK perforation and NICKING words is    נקיק NaQeeYQ (cleft, crevice).          נקק   NaQahQ is to make that NICK or NICHE.   A "cleft of the rock" is a hiding place or NOOK in Jeremiah13:4.  See CAVITY.  See ACME for guttural-nasal opposites.


NICHE is related, but Hawaiian nakakaka (a crack) and naka (to crack) are even closer. Reversing to KN in Hawaiian, kj'ono is a nook; ho'okuno is to indent.

נקבה   NiQayBHaH (female - Genesis1:27) and   נקב  NeQeBH (indentation) are obviously extensions of the Noon-Koof root of cavities and concavities.    The second element in נקבה   NiQayBHaH (female) is קיבה   QaYBHaH  (womb – Numbers 25:8). This male chauvinism in ancient. “Woman” is a womb person. Only in Edenic is a woman   אשה  EESHaH the feminine of  איש  EEYSH (man – both in Exodus 35-29),

‘Eneq is a woman for the Chumash Indians (California).

After an M231 metathesis  (NQV → QVN) one can see how the Hebrew term for female gave us English words like QUEEN. QUEAN is from Old English cwene (woman, prostitute, wife). In Hebrew, a woman, wife, or queen is the feminine of terms for a human, spouse, or king - not merely an NQ term as a man's receptacle. Arthur's queen, GUINEVERE, was Lancelot's cwene. Cognates of QUEEN at the Indo-European “root” gwen (woman) include BANSHEE, GYNECOLOGY, MISOGYNIST, POLYGYNY and ZENANA.  The GN of gynecology appears in both the Greek and the Sanskrit wife  terms  (gyne and gna)

Sadly for feminism, there is no other language than that of Eden where a woman is an EeYShaH (female human) rather than some form of womb-person or mere hole. Note the following forms of Noon-Koof-Bhet in global woman words:

‘eneq – (Bhet drops)  woman (Chumash Indian)

Ikwe –  (Noon drops) woman (Chippewa Indian)

fujin –  (reverse NQ[V])  lady, woman (Japanese) – the Chinese is just fu

kobiat – (Noon drops)  woman in Polish (QaYHaH is womb)

kvinna – (M312 metathesis) woman (Swedish, similar in all Scandinavian)

nookie – (Bhet drops) vulgar English term for a female sex partner

wahine – (reverse NQ[V]) – female (Hawaiian)

VAGINAL words like Egyptian kns and Latin cunnus have reversed the Noon-Koof. VGN is a full reversal of  נקב  NeQeBH (indentation) – see CAVITY.

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julie   3/23/2015 11:33:00 AM
also the word kane (KN) means man in Hawaiian and queen could also stem from kohen (priest). There is nothing inherently bad about a hole or void and there is nothing bad about a womb, unless you have a dirty mind and hate women. Also, king has both kn and nk. Some languages did not distinguish between gender, that was probably introduced when religious zealots started to shame women and sex. Also, news flash, there is nothing bad about a vagina. Are you a 13 year old boy?

julie   3/16/2015 12:34:00 AM
what is wrong with a womb? why do you think that is a negative connotation?

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