Origin of English word NOVENA

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The word NOVENA is addressed in the entry: NOON

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drawn out; the Edenic NOON is 50, the midpoint, thus high noon


NOON is the day’s highest point. Germanic niwun, Latin novem (nine) and nonus (ninth) and Greek ennea (nine) are all creditred to the Indo-European “root” newn (nine).

Noon-Vav-Noon, נון NOON or easily NooWN, means the letter/number  נ Noon.  Even though we use Arabic numbers,  9 is one of the only Arabic numbers identical to English.  When eliminating the left half of the graphic, or bending the right half in, and then turning it upside down, Edenic letter ט TeT (9) can look like a  9.

 Noon is the letter with the number value of 50 - the midpoint to 100; making NOON equivalent to the midpoint, as in midday, or high NOON.   There is a “nine” element that gives  the AHD’s root some legitimacy. Noon is the 9th letter of the Aleph-Bet.      As a word, Noon-Vav-Noon  can mean drawn out: "while the sun lasts, may his name endure" (Psalms72:17).


NeeVaiN means to deteriorate. Listed cognates of NOON include ENNEAD, NINE, NONA-, NOVEMBER, and NOVENA.  The Indo-European “root” for all the “nine” words is newn.  In Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) another number depicting a half, five, is identical to the word for high noon: ng.   For a Western number based on Hebrew’s alphanumeric system of letters-as-numbers, see EIGHT.

Bible Verses

Psalms 72:17 יהי שׁמו לעולם לפני־שׁמשׁ ינין שׁמו ויתברכו בו כל־גוים יאשׁרוהו׃

“May his name endure for ever; may his name be continued as long as the sun; may men also bless themselves by him; may all nations call him happy.”



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