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IE “root” gen (to give birth, beget) is the given source of ORIGIN. In the entry ORIENTATION, the "ORI" half of ORIGIN was discussed. It is the Oriental languages that help one to see the origin of GENERATE and ORIGIN. In Chinese, as in Hebrew, the words for eye, source and spring are similar (yan,yuan). Pronouncing the Ayin/GH as a G (Hebrew's Eastern pronunciation), Chinese helps one think of   עין   [A]YiNi or GHaYiN (source, spring) in terms of ORIGINATING and not merely as a wellspring GENERATING water.. GHaYN is translated "fountain" in Deuteronomy8:7; M’GHa'YaN or M’[A]hYaN is a fountain or source (Genesis 7:11)..


Alternative ties to words like GENESIS are QaNaH (to create - Genesis14:19), QoNEH (stalk, stem - Genesis41:5) or QahN (nest - Deuteronomy22:6). The Indo-European “root” gena or gen (to give birth, beget...) has extensive branches. From Old English comes KIN, KINDRED and KING. A Germanic source offers KIND (See KIND), KINDERGARTEN, KRISS and KRINGLE. From Latin there's CONGENIAL, GENDER, GENERAL, GENERATIVE, GENERATION, GENERIC GENEROUS, GENRE, GENUS, DEGENERATE, ENGENDER and MISCEGENATION. A Greek term bears -GEN, GENEALOGY, GENOCIDE, GENOTYPE, -GENY, and HETEROGENEOUS. Latin ingenuity came with ENGINE, INDIGENOUS, INGENIOUS, INGENUOUS, GERM, GERMAN, GERMANE, GERMINAL and GERMINATE. GENESIS and - Genesis are Greek. Latin gignere begot GENITAL, GENETIVE, GENITOR, GENT, GINGERLY, CONGENITAL, PRIMOGENITURE, PROGENITOR and PROGENY. Latin also bore AGNATE, BENIGN, COGNATE, CONNATE, ENATE, INNATE, MALIGN, NAIVE, NASCENT, NATAL, NATION, NATIVE, NATURE, NEE, NOEL, PUNY and RENAISSANCE. The final segment of the AHD's entry cites EPIGONE, GONAD and GONO- from Greek. See GENIUS and KIN.

Chinese “origin” is ni X477, typically reversed .and clipped.

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