Origin of English word ORPHAN

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[ O-R-PH+-an suffix]


The Indo-European “root” of ORPHANisIE  orbh (to put asunder).This  is RB or RP core as Indo-European “root” reup or reub (to snatch). 

[O]RaPH is to behead or to break the neck of an animal (Exodus 13:13).  The orphan is like a head without its body.  The Edenic buil;t-in opposite of a severed neck is a neck or scruff (see SCRUFF).  If we sever the initial Tet from Tet-Resh-Phey, we get another relevant rupture.

DTaRaPH  also means to tear apart (Genesis 37:33)  and to seize – see TROPHY. Another liquid-bilabial Edenic word of separating  is Resh-Bet. ReeYB is a STRIFE-filled argument, a RIFT and RIVALRY between people (Genesis 13:7). To RIP and the slang term, to RIP OFF, invokes both tearing away ands tearing up. Like kidnapped Joseph, the AHD suggests that the ORPHAN is one both BEREFT of one’s father, and deprived of his freedom.


There are no R-V river words in Edenic.  But a RIVER or RIVULET  RIVES a RAVINE, a RIFT, as it RIFLES through land like a driven RIVET. Rather than one particular Resh-Bhet etymon, consider the meaning of the family above.

  The AHD somehow gives the Old Church Slavonic rabotya, servitude ( and a source of ROBOT), as a cognate of ORPHAN.  See ROBOT for  a less beheaded etymology.

       The Polish SR word for orphan, sierota, is linked to Edenic at RESIDUE.

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