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PATIO is an open space, now traced to Latin patere  to open;the alleged Indo-European “root” is pet to (spread).

  הפיץ HayPHeeYTS is to spread, but PATIO deserves Edenic PT words meaning “open” – and there is a large family of these. First Pey-Tahf words:

פתה   PaTaH is to open wide (Proverbs 20:1);    פתח PaTa[K]H is to open or begin (Deuteronomy 15:8);    ;    פתח PeTa[K]H is an opening (Genesis 18:1 – see PASSAGE).    פתוח PaTOOa[K]H means open (Genesis7:11). 

  פסח  Pa$a[K]H, to pass over or SKIP over, also means an open gap.  See SKIP.

When a problem is knotty or twisted, P’TeeYL (see FUSE at PUZZLE), one must solve or “open” it,     פתר PaTaR (Genesis 40:16).  The overly naïve, tactless and open fool or “simpleton” is a פתי    PeTeeY     – see  FATUITY.

A Pey-Dalet word of opening, release and redemption is PaDaH (Leviticus 27:27).  Switching to Pey-Tet:   פטר PaDTeR is to let open, release, free  (1 Kings 6:35).               פטר PeDTER is the womb opener or firstborn (Exodus 13:2).  Switching to Pey-Tsadi:  פצה      PaTSaH is to open a mouth or to set free (Genesis4:11); פצח    PaTSa[K]H is to burst or open.  For the “wound,” where skin is opened ,   פצע PeTS[A]h  - (Exodus 21:25) – see   PUTSCH.

The built-in opposite of all these bilabial-dental openers are similar sounding closed things.  Nature’s perfect enclosure is the egg,    בצה BaYTSaH. The opposite of the open PATIO is the closed house, בית    BaYiT (see BOOTH).    בית BaYiT also means “within” (Genesis 6:14).


פצל   PeTSaL (to divide, split, branch off) is especially suited to PETAL and the pet Indo-European “root”.    See PEEL.   Cognates of PETAL at the Indo-European “root” above include FATHOM, EXPAND, PACE, PAS, PASS, PAN, PATEN, PATENT, PATINA and PATULOUS. Our entry, PATIO, is linked to Latin patere (to lie open). PATELLA is also traced to patere, and a word like PATH ought to get an opening here beside PACE and PASS.   PATH is currently traced to an alleged E root called pent (to tread, go), cognate with PUNT (see BUTT) and “sputnik.”.

פתח   PeTa[K]H is a doorway, entrance or opening) in dialects of Malay include bata, pi(n)to and yebuteh. A mountain PASS, linked to Latin passus (stretched out), might be linked to    פסה Pa$aH (to spread, be extended) and  PaSHaH (to spread out) as well – see OPEN and PASSAGE.   For a mountain gap which is a PASS or PASSAGE, also see PASSAGE.  PT and BT words for door are terms that offer PASSAGE .

  Related to the PT words here are PS terms from Latin fissus (split) like FISSION, FISSURE and FISTULA.

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