Origin of English word PENTAGON

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[DT-PH-H→ P+N T]


The Indo-European root of PENTA- words like PENTATEUCH (The Five Books of Moses) are thought to come from the Indo-European ”root”  penk w e (five). What the AHD was looking for, like a source of Sanskrit panca (five), is the  Edenic hand-measurement term   חפן K[H]oaPHahN (Exodus 9:8) seen at the  PUGNACIOUS entry.  

Another hand measurement or handbreath that makes an excellent “five” word is  טפח   DTaPHa[K]H (I Kings 7:26).  Reverse the  TP dental-bilabial to a bilabial-dental PT. Add a nasalization (extra N), to get Greek pente (five).  

This isn’t simple, but it is normative Edenics, with many hundreds of simiar cases.

Deriving PNT from a PNK root, however, is alchemy.


PENTA– words include PENTAD, PENTACLE, PENTADACTYL, PENTAGON, PENTAMETER, PENTARCHY, PENTATHLON and PENTECOST (a 50 word).  The T-P of  טפח DTaPHa[K]H also reverses to apte, five in Zuni (an isolate, native American language of New Mexico).  Pet, pat, and piec mean “five” in Czech, Slovak and Polish.  

FIST is another reverse T+ F word, even if an S got in. The AHD thinks FIST is from a “root” called penk w e (five). The sound is off, but they do have a hand-measurement.

               More five words from Edenic hand terms at MITT and PUGNACIOUS.

Fernando Aedo links the following to טפח    DTaPHa[K]H  (span, hand breath):

dbHw    measure for offerings (Egyptian)
tanpa’    aproximately one metter measure (Amazonian: Chayahuita )

tip oyal    measure (Amazonian:Huas)

topo            to measure, count (Amazonian: Araona)
topueñets    to measure (Amazonian:Yanesha Amuesha)
tupuy    to measure, compare, weigh (Quechua)
tupu      a  measure, weight  (Quechua)

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