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[ PH-L → PL]


PILES are hemorrhoids, tumors and swellings of the anal blood vessels.  Latin pila, a ball, is the given source – see BALL.     Not meaning to be a pain in the rear end for secular scholars, but [A]PHaL(iM) are “hemorrhoids” in I Samuel 5:6.  The singular is [O]aPHel, and Arabic afal is also a tumor in the anus.  The base means “swelling.”  [O]oPaL means “was lifted up” – Habakkuk 2:4, while Numbers 14:44 has a hiphil form rendered “raised themselves.”  [O]aPHeL is a mound or hill, and the name of a particular peak of Mount Zion (II Kings 5:24).

The Ayin-Phey subroot of being raised UP is seen at AVIATE.  Pey-Lamed antonyms include SHaPHaL (low – see SPILL) and NaPHaL (fall – see FALL).


All these swelled and raised PL terms point to that heap called a PILE. PILING is the verb.  This kind of PILE has no Indo-European “root”, and the given source is Latin pila, pillar. The German pillar, Pheiler, is also a PIER (originally a mound to support the sides of a bridge.

PL rising up may be seen in the LF of LIFT, from Old Norse lypta, to lift .

Josh Ben adds that AMPLE (extensive), AMPLIFY (to enlarge), etc. are a nasalized (extra M here) form of the Edenic [A]PL swelling term. AMPLE is presently thought to be from Latin amplus as a combination of ambi (around) and plenus (full).  Apple words are botanical swellings in many languages, so if APPLE is not a PR fruit (see FRUIT) it also may belong with these Ayin-Pey-Lamed words.

A mound or tumor is FULL, even if that FILLING  is not positive.  The AHD guesses that FILL and FULL are from the invented Indo-European “root” pele -1 (to fill, with derivatives referring to abundance and multitude) .  These adjectives recall a reversed bilabial-liquid, RahBH (abundant, multitude – see RIFE.   Always useful in gathering cognates, the AHD’s words from a mysterious PL (or Phey-Lamed) etymon include  ACCOMPLISH, COMPLETE, COMPLIMENT, COMPLY, EXPLETIVE, HOY POLLOI, IMPLEMENT, PLEBE, PLEBEIAN, PLEBS, PLEBISCITE, PLENARY, PLENTITUDE, PLENTY, PLENUM, PLEO-. PLETHORA, POLY-, POORI (from a Sanskrit cake word), REPLENSH, REPLETE, PLURAL, PLUS, NONPLUS,PLUSPERFECT, SUPPLY and SURPLUS.

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