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Boththe AHD, with their bogus Indo-European “root” pipp (to peep, imitative root) , and Webster’s “an imitative word” have fallen victim to the rat-infested piped piper of Eurocentrism.  Yes, Latin pipere means to chirp or peep.  The birdling’s “peep” is certainly imitative, but PIPE words did not come from peeping or piping birds, and the first speaking humans were not Romans.  All one has to do is to note words like PIPEWOOD and PIPEWORT (swamp reds where early PIPES are from) to reinforce the logical thinking that a cylindrical PIPE in nature gave rise to later, man-made pipes.

  אבוב   ABOOBH is a hollow pipe or tube derived from jointed reeds or knotgrass, an extension of   AiBHeH (reed - Job9:26). The earlies Semitic forms of Aleph-Bhet-Hey (reed)  include the Aramaic ABOOBHAh, the Arabic abay,  and Akkadian abu (reed) and the nasalized imbubu (reed, pipe).   The Egyptian nazilization is nbit (reed). Other nasalized PIPES are at BAMBOO (via Malay) and at BAYOU.  The Semitically-challenged European scholars had to admit that Latin papyrus came from the papyrus reed  of ancient Egypt.  This is the source of PAPER, BIBLE, BIBLIOGRAPHY and BIBLIOPHILE. But the PP sound of a Semitic reed, heard in other BB Western words, could not keep racists from publishing strange etymologies like that for PIPE. To hear a FIFE, see the OBOE entry.” 

The Alef-Bet two-letter broot  is suggested ay VIVA.


NiBHOOBH is hollow (Exodus27:8)  The Modern Hebrew flute is from a  different word for hollow – see HOLLOW.  Hungarian fuvola is a flute; a fine reed-like derivative from ABOOBH for a wind instrument..

The AHD thinks that FIFE, PIGEON, and PIBROCH are cognates of PIPE.  Webster’s has 41 PPE words           German  Pfeife is a whistle, pipe or fife.

  Words like PAP (nipple, teat), nature’s feeding tube, and BOOB, were not included. T.V. has been called the BOOB TUBE (see BOOBY).    Mothers pipe in nutrition, and sucklings IMBIBE like BIBLERS at a BIBB (faucet). Most of these young BIBBERS or BIBLERS need to wear a BIB. The BABY or BABE is a suckling named for his beber (drinking in Spanish – see BABY).  The AHD has IMBIBE, BEVERAGE, BIB, BIBULOUS and IMBIBE coming from the so-called Indo-European “root” po(i) (to drink).  They had no trouble linking Latin beber, to drink, to a source requiring the same P-to-B bilabial shift.  Among the decendants of Latin beber (to drink), only Spanish and Portuguese have beber.  Spanish, adds Fernando Aedo, also has biberon (baby bottle to suck), emparpar (to soak), papar and papear (swallowing, eating – see PAP below). The noun and verb of slobbering saliva in Spanish, baba and babear, also evoke the BABY’s inelegant IMBIBING.   Spanish b omba (a pump) , bombear (to pump) and , bombero (a fireman who pumps water) are also Spanish BB words from ABOOBH, but nasalized (extra M) – see PUMP.   The French, Italian and Romanian words for drinking only have one B,  like the earlier Edenic word, recalling the first curious child who used a plucked swamp reed to blow out or drink in water as with a drinking straw.  An Indonesian imbibes with his lips, bibir, similar to the Tagalog mouth: bibig.

BIBB  is a faucet or BIBCOCK.

Back to the IMBIBING BABY or the Algonquian PAPOOSE, sucking in soft food either from a natural or man-made ABOOBH (tube… breast or bottle), the AHD feels that PAP (mushy food) is a “baby-talk root.”  Fittingly, they have POPPYCOCK as a cognate of PAP.  More usefully, they list PAMPER, tracing it to the nasalized form of Flemish pamperin, to cram with food.  Any French duck can tell you that forced feedings involve a tube, or our double-bilabial ABOOBH.

The AHD has another so-called Indo-European “root” for PAP, this one meaning teat. Middle English pappe is a nipple. This should explain the nipple-like PIPS on a playing card or pineapple.

Listed cognates include PAPILLA, PAPULE, PUPA and PUPIL.  Too many linguistics professors have been pupils force-fed outdated pap and poppycock about the splendid isolation of Indo-European language and culture.

Every critic knows the word PAP (mush for babies…thus poor, commercial fare), but PAP (mucus) is traced to Latin pituita, slime.

ABOOBH, the hollow reed, is a proliic Edenic PIPELINE behind words for sucking in (like BABY and PAP), blowing out (like OBOE, FIFE or BAG PIPES and all the PAPYRUS, BIBLE/BiBLIO and PAPER  words.  Nasalized (extra M) pipe words include BAMBOO (see BAMBOO), BOMB and PUMP, explaining why a Spanish fireman (a water-pumping bombero) sounds so incendiary.  Meanwhile the French fireman, pompier, does sound like a PUMPER and not a BOMBER.


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