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PITA is the Mideastern "pocket" bread.  פתה PeeTaH is an Aramaic word; it may be related to the פת PaT or Pa(S) eaten in Genesis18:5 ("morsel of bread") or IISamuel12:3.The commentator Rashi on Genesis 40:1 assumes that these two P-T bread terms are related .

A פת PahT  or Pah(S) of bread is part of the Pey-Tahf family of open words, because this PIECE of a loaf involves slicing open that piece. An open sandwhich means a single piece of bread.  פתח PeTa[K]H is to open. פתה PeTaH is simple or foolish, in that the person is so “open” as to lack any guile or tact.   פתק PeTeQ is to split “open.”  פתר PeTeR is to solve or “open” a closed problem, so that a פתרון PeTaROAN is an INTERPRETATION – the PTR open root metathesized to PRT. More below.


BIS CUIT (originally a hard bread), PIZZA (named for the breadlike crust) and PASTA are possibly related. Considering biscuit as more of a doughnut, בצק BaTSa iQ  (Exodus 12:34) means dough. PASTE primarily means dough. PASTA is flour PASTE; PASTEL is from PASTE.  See PASTA  for the strongest , Bet-Tsadi, etymon.

See PITCH for a similar B → P change.

The openness of  פתר PeTeR above is met by Tahf-Resh openness and undoing in  התר  HeTeR (undoing, loosening in Jeremiah 58:6 and Psalms 105:20 and 146:7). Important in Rabbinic writing is the later התיר    HaTeeYR (permit – YJS).  Open means permitted; anyone can (and sadly does) recite at an open mike poetry reading.

בתר Bet-Tahf-Resh breaking open is at PIECE. More baking with ת Tahf at OVEN.

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