Origin of English word PRONTO

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[P-R-TS → PR+N-T]


The AHD did not invent a so-called Indo-European root for PRONTO (quickly), even though dictionaries trace it to Latin promptus (prompt, source of PROMPT) .  It is more logical to consider that PRONTO (coming to English from the Spanish)  and PROMPT are both nasalizations (extra N) of a bilabial-liquid-dental word for quickness that precedes Latin.

In Genesis  38:28,29  Peretz quickly bursts his way out of the womb, to be “first,” before twin brother Zerach. פרץ PaRaTS  is the verb that names Peretz. פרץ PaRaTS is about BURSTING (see BURST (forth FIRST), and  see FIRST.


Spanish  p risa, hurry,  and presto (prompt, source of  PRESTO) are also from PaRaTS, but are not nasalized. Presto means “early” in Italian.   Polish has bystry (quick – S-B) and several PRZ words as a [prefix of quickness. Or, after a Polish prefix, one sees פרץ   PaRaTS  in napredce (quickly) . The Russian “quick,” bistri, is an M132 of the Pey-Resh-Tsadi term. The Serbo-Croatian “quick,” brz, is not metathesized, but has the same Pey-to-B bilabial shift as seen in Russian.  Polish przelot  means hastily.  פרץ   PaRaTS (to break through) is about quick BURSTS and BREACHES. More Pey-Resh-Tsadi urgency at PRESS.

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