Origin of English word PROSTITUTE

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[P-R-TS → P-R-ST]


PROSTITUTE is from Latin prostituere (to expose publicly, to prostitute). The etymology precedes to break down as the Latin is broken down to pro (before) plus statuere (to cause to stand). The alleged Indo-European “root” then is sta (to stand) - nothing one could get arrested for. פריצות PReeYTSOOT, a Medieval Hebrew word, means obscenity or licentiousness. פרוץ   PaROOTS is immodest - the sense of impetuous behavior is seen in Genesis38:29 or at PIRATE.  פרוז PaROOZ is open to all (Deuteronomy 3:5). In Proverbs 13:16, a fool “layeth open” his folly – P-R-SH/Pey-Resh-Shin. פרא PeRAh is wild, and see the unrestrained Pey-Resh-Ayin at FREAK.

 B-R-ST impetuousness is seen at BURST.


Antonyms include  PReeYSHOOT (abstinence, celibacy, piety, restriction). Like PReeYTSOOT, it is not in Scripture.  But it, too, is based on a Biblical root – as PaRaSH means separated -- Leviticus 24:12 – whence the piously separatist PHARISEES or PeROOSHiM. After an M132 metathesis and S-B,S-F and S-L, a Biblical opposite of the PROSTITUTE appears. The BiTOOLaH is a virgin (Genesis 24:16).

(Ni)PHRaTS means “”common” in I Samuel 3:1; just as Yiddish prost means common and vulgar. Leo Rosten, The Joys of Yiddish, writes that prost is “possibly from Slavic.”

For the given  Indo-European “root”, sta, see STABLE.  PRESS (see PRESS), BRASH and BRAZEN are related to the modern  PiR$OOM (publicity, advertising – from  PaRa$, to broadly distribute – Isiah 58:7 ) All the Pey-Resh/PR plus fricative (S, ST,Z)  words above are as brashly open and public as a common prostitute.

B RAZEN  (shameless) needs a better root than Indo-European ferrum (lead). Even if one thinks that BRASS is BRASSY or garish.  When EDK defines PaRaZ as decentralized (see DISPERSE  and the bilabial-liquid-fricatives that are all over the place), he cites the Arabic baraz. wide and open, with the sound and shameless cockiness of a PROSTITUTE.

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