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PROTO- is from Greek protos (first).

פטר PeDTeR is the firstborn or "firstling" in Exodus34:19-20.  פטר PeDTeR means beginning or opening; פרץ   PaRaTS is to burst forth (see BREACH and BURST). In birth, the פטר PeDTeR is the FIRST to BURST the womb, the PROTOTYPE of the siblings to come.

In Genesis38:29 "Peretz" is so named for the "breach" he makes in order to be born first, before his twin brother. (See BREACH, BURST and FIRST.)

As a firstborn,   פטר PERETZ is destined to be a proteios (prime or chief in Greek) or a פטר PaReeTZ (prince, nobleman - PRINCE appears at PIRATE). The Latin etymon for PRINCE, princeps, means "he who takes first place." Since the BURST-FIRST-PRI(N)CE association has already been BROACHED (introduced), it is notable that a German prince is a furst.


A brief selection of relevant PROT- words includes: PROTAGONIST, PROTEIN, PROTOCOL, PROTON, PROTOPLASM and PROTOZOA. PRISTINE is another “first” word linked to PROTOTYPE and FIRST.    The Indo-European “root” of PROTO-, per, stakes a claim on dozens of words meaning: forward, through, in front of, before, early, first, chief, toward, against, near, at and around. For a Hebrew root to match the many meanings of lE root per, there is Ayin-Bhet-Resh/(A)hBHaR (went beyond, passed through, side, towards, opposite to, forwards to ford -- Ezekiel1:9).   See FERRY and OVER.

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