Origin of English word QUINTET

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[Q-M-TS → QNT]


Latin quintus (fifth) is somehow placed at the Indo-European “root” penkwe (five – see   FIN and PUGNACIOUS for this root). QaMaTS means hand and hand measurement (Leviticus6:8). The sense development from "hand" to "five" and "ten" words, and to related counting terms are discussed at "MITT'.  K[H]aMeSH (five - Genesis1:23) is really the chief etymon here, as Shin/ SH to T changes are standard between Hebrew and Aramaic. [Hebrew SHOAR (ox, bullock) is TOAR in Aramaic - giving us TAURUS the bull.—see TAURUS] Either Hebrew etymon provides a KMT or QNT handle to QUINT(ET).


KANTAR (Egyptian equivalent of a hundredweight) is from Arabic qintar, borrowed (says Webster's) from Latin quintarius (containing five).

HAND (another KMT term) in Malay: Gani is komud, and a fist in Chinese is quantou. Chen is the Chinese five. There are so many links between HAND and COUNTING (KNT) terms, that even the jumbled Indo-European “root” penkwe lists FIST and FINGER.

The IE “root” wikmti (twenty) is a compound of wi (two) plus kmt-i (decade -- a form of Indo-European “root” dekm). Wikmti is ultimately a compound of the second number and letter Bet or Bhet/ {V} (two – see   BOTH) plus QaMaT(S) (hand, thus ten). Cognates of QUINTET include CINQUE, KENO, QUINATE, QUINDECENNIAL, QUINQUAGENARIAN, QUINT, QUINTAIN, QUINTILE, QUINTESSENCE, QUINTILLION and QUINTUPLET. Basque (with "no linguistic affinities") has an H—N/M word for "ten," ham(ar) - fitting QaMa(TS) and HAN(D), and a FIST look-alike for "five": bost. Bost (five) and English FIST were influenced by an Edenic etymon like TaFaS (to seize, grasp - Deuteronomy21:19). This is why five (5) in Finnish is viisi, in Turkish is bes, and in Slavic there are various PT "five" terms.

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