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Middle Dutch reckon is to stretch, as in torturing as infidel on the RACK. The noun RACK is from Middle Dutch rakke (framework).the alleged Indo-European “root” is reg- 1 (to move in a straight line, with derivatives meaning to direct, lead, rule).   רקע RaQ[A]h is to stretch (Isaiah42:25). In Isaiah, as in Genesis1:6, we have the Lord stretching out the רקיע  RaQeeYGHah (firmament, heaven - the RACK or framework of the world).

הדריך   HeeDReeKH is to director lead – see  DIRECTION.


Rumanian cer (sky) may be an RK reversal of Resh-Koof, leading us (after a liquid shift R to L) to the Italian and Spanish "sky" term, cielo, and to French ciel. These are initially from Latin caelum (heaven) with a hard C, like KL.  Our CEILING is from a heavenly word: רקיע RaQ[E]a (heaven).  But Latin shifted the liquid and reversed the liquid and guttural after Babel.  Our “roof” is also from a “sky” word – see ROOF.

 Another possible “sky” term with the L-K in the right direction (but other conditions that cloud the Edenic sky) is Indonesian langit.  (The N is likely a nasilizatiom).

 That which we stretch out and straighten out in order to move is the LEG or  רגל ReG eL. More related terms from Hebrew at REACH. At Indo-European “root” reg the Greek stretching term oregein gives us ANORECTIC and ANOREXIA. Latin rogare (ask) means "stretching out the hand." The English words that reach us from this source include ABROGATE, ARROGATE, CORVEE, DEROGATE, INTEROGATIVE, PREROGATIVE, and SUBROGATE. Old English reccan (to extend, stretch out) gave us RECK and RECKLESS. Some of the other alleged cognates of RACK at this Indo-European “root” are presented here even if they are linked to better Hebrew etymons elsewhere: RIGHT from Germanic; REALM, RECTITUDE, RECTOR, RECTUM, REGENT (see “RAJA”), REGIME, REGIMENT, REGION, CORRECT, DIRECT (see DIRECTION), ERECT, RECTANGLE, RECTIFY, and SURGE from Latin (see SURGE); RICH from Old English; REAL, REGAL, (see REGAL) REIGN, ROYAL, REGICIDE and VICEROY from Latin; MAHARAJAH, MAHARANI, RAJ, RAJAH, RANI and RYE from Sanskrit; RAIL, REGULAR (see REGULAR), REGULATE and RULE from Latin; RAKE, RECKON (see REICH), RANK from Germanic. An R to L change away, Hawaiian 'ilikai means "the surface of the sea" or "horizontal."

The tennis RACKET extends one’s REACH (see REACH), and may have been inflenced by implements like the RaK[H](aT)  (winnowing fork in Isaiah 30:24) . See CELESTIAL.

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