Origin of English word RAID

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to take out, remove


A RAID is an attack for pillage and looting, but the etymology ends with the RIDE to the victim's camp. The Indo-European “root” for RAID is reidh (to ride), with cognates like ROAD and READY. Even RahAD (to roam) is a more worthy etymon for the activity of predatory humans, but more relevant to looting is RaDaH (to take out, remove - Judges14:9). The same verb appears in Genesis1:26 where Man is charged with "rule" or "dominion over" the fish of the sea. A literal understanding of ruling over fish is ludicrous, except for the sense of (OVER)RIDING or domineering with RAIDING privileges. Man was allowed to RIDE (tyrannize, control) the seven seas, to ROOT out, ROUT and LOOT the denizens of the deep. Another use of    הדר      RaDaH in Scripture involves waging war upon a city "until it is reduced" (Deuteronomy20:20). The verse might better read "until it is ROUTED."  For the opposite of RD rule, see DR freedom at “DERBY” (A).


ROUT and LOOT are somehow filed under the Indo-European “root” reup (to snatch). RID and RIDDANCE shouldn't be cognates with "rod" at Indo-European reudh (to clear land); they are both from RaDaH. As ROAD(ahN) is a tyrant or dictator, so is an [A]ReeYT(S). Reverse the RT to get TYR(ANT) - a word whose Greek meaning similarly combines sovereignty with usurping. Both theses appear in TYR, the Norse god of victory and Greek tyrannos, absolute sovereign and usurper. The Resh-Dalet subroot here speaks to TYRANNY. Other RD terms include ReeDOOY (conquest) and RaD(ahPH) (to pursue, hunt, persecute). For LORDING it over someone, see ROOT.

רדה   RaDaH to rule, have dominion, dominate, is echoed by O;ld Irish ruad,a governor .

Bible Verses

Judges 14:9 וירדהו אל־כפיו וילך הלוך ואכל וילך אל־אביו ואל־אמו ויתן להם ויאכלו ולא־הגיד להם כי מגוית האריה רדה הדבשׁ׃

“And he scraped it out into his hands, and went on, eating as he went, and he came to his father and mother, and gave unto them, and they did eat; but he told them not that he had scraped the honey out of the body of the lion.”



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