Origin of English word RAVENOUS

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The verb to RAVEN means to devour greedily, to seize, and to prowl hungrily. The adjective RAVENOUS is traced to Old French ravener, Latin rapere (to seize) and the Indo-European “root” rep (to snatch – see   TROPHY).

The primary meaning of RAVENOUS, hungry, is sidestepped because     רעב Rah[A]iBH (hungry - Proverbs25:21) and   רעב    Rah[A]hBH (famine — Genesis26:1) are unknown or irrelevant to most linguists. רעבון     Ra’[A](V)OAN is hunger.


That rapacious bird the RAVEN (see previous entry) is also ignored, even though the  [O]aRaiBH (raven) of Scripture is consistently associated with hunger. In Genesis8:7 Noah sends this voracious bird out, knowing that it would vigorously seek out food. In IKings17:4-6 God sends out ravens to feed Elijah. The association is further feathered by the following verse:

Who provideth for the RAVEN his prey,

when his young ones cry unto God,

and wander for lack of food - Job38:41.

The   קרב   QeReBH (animal stomach – see CRAW) tells the animal of prey that (DTe)RePH (food or prey) rewards the ARaBH  (lying in wait or ambush). Humans may CRAVE (wrongly linked to "craft" and strength) foods that are sweet [A]hRai(V) or  GhahRaiBH - Songs2:14).

 Delicious is ah-rawy in Thai. Upgrade all these  Ayin/ vowel or GH an R-BH  terms on the alphabet scale Bt to Gimel or letter 2 to letter 3, and we get [O]aRAG or GHoaRaiG ("crave" - Psalms42:2).

 CRAVE or K-R-BH is merely a #1-#2 letter swap from Resh-(guttural)- Ayin- Bhet (hungry).

See   RAVEN  and  URGE.

Bible Verses

Proverbs 25:21 אם־רעב שׂנאך האכלהו לחם ואם־צמא השׁקהו מים׃

“If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat, and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink;”



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