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RED is akin to German rot and Scandinavian rod. The Indo-European base is reudh, corresponding to the IE “root” reudh (red, ruddy). Terms like RHODA and RHODODENDRON, from the Greek rose or rhodon, are thought to come from a fabricated Indo-European “root” wrod (rose—of unknown origin),   ורד VeReD  or WeReD is a rose and      ורד VaRoaD is rosy red in Mishnaic Hebrew, VaRDeeYNOON is rose oil in the Jerusalem Talmud. The term is not in the Bible, but there is no indication that the term is borrowed from a non-Semitic source. Aramaic varda is a rose.

Rosy is red, so Edenic covers RD.  The Resh-Dalet subroot means “going down” (see ROOT”), so nature’s first sunset should have been painted in rosy terms that long predate Iranian *wrda,which EDKthinks is the source of Greek rodon (rose).

ROSY liquid-fricative words match several Edenic words, once we reverse to the direction that Semitic flows:

     זהר Z oaHahR is to shine (Daniel 12:3), or a noun meaning brightness and brilliance. 

5.       זר   ZaiR is an edge, often gilded (Exodus 25:11).  The Hey/H was dropped.

6.       זרח   ZaRah[K]H is to shine forth, as the sun (Psalms 104:22).    The H hardens to Het/[K]H, while ZHR is turned to ZRH with a M132 metathesis.

7.       צהר TSoaHahR is a window to let in light (Genesis 6:16), TSaHahR is shine or glitter.  TSaHaRaYiM, lierally “double light,” means noonday (Genesis 43:16).  Zayin/Z to Tsadi/TS is a fricative shift.

8.       צהל TSaHahL is to be bright or make bright (Psalms 104:15). A liquid shift from the word above.

See שחר SHA[K]HaR (light) and it’s black counterpart for yet another bright fricative-liquid word.


The sunset-red connection ( see EUROPE) and  ערב    [E]ReBH (red) should be behind Latin rubus, red, and the RB words like RUBY below.  VaReeYD is a vein, and may have influenced BLEED and BLOOD. Vred is angry in Danish and Swedish.  Anger is a red, vein-popping emotion.  Finnish and Hungarian "blood" is ver(i).  Yiddish red is roth. Blood (red) is Bilau (Papua, New Guinea) is asur, reversing the rosy S-R words above.

Words thought to come from the fabricated Indo-European “roots” above include CORROBORATE, ERYTHEMA, JULEP, RAMBUNCTIOUS, ROBUS, ROBUST, ROWEN, ROUGE, RUBELLA, RUBRIC, RUBY, RUDDY, RUSSET, RUSSIA and RUST.

Another way to RUSSET  and RUSSIA is a reversal of  ששר   SHaSHeR (red, vermillion – Jeremiah 22:14). The Arabic is similar.

Typically anatomical, Edenic’s red, ADoWM, is from דם DahM, blood. Red in Fijian is damudamu.      See MAROON for more red. 

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