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REEVE is a nautical term of rope fastening. The etymology reads, "probably Dutch reven (to reef or tie down a sail)."

W and R interchange in the Elmer Fudd-like “  rule" (This famous cartoon character said “You cwazy wabbit" instead of "You crazy rabbit."  See “NEW.” Common speech defects often reflect letter shifts from Edenic.) WOOF, therefore, originating from Anglo-Saxon owef, should link up with RV terms of tied ropes or threads like REEVE.

Not owef  but ערב   [A]yReBH is the "woof" ofLeviticus13:49. Just as WARP and WOOF threads intermingle in WEAVING,  [A]yRooBH means "mixture." (DTa)ROOF is confusion, as in DISTURBED, TURBID or TROUBLED waters – see DISTURB.  Sharing a Resh/R and bilabial is תפר TaPHaR (to sew – Genesis 3:7).


ROVE, WEB, WEBSTER, WEFT, WHARF, WHARP and WHARVE (originally a spinningterm) should all relate. Orv is to weave in Japanese. See CRIB and RHAPSODY.  The German WOVEN  WEB or  fabric is Gewebe.

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