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The Indo-European “root” for many kingly words is reg (straight...to direct – see   RACK).  Etymons with more authority are at REICH. Of several Edenic etymons there, the RG term for shepherd is best for REGAL .  רעה   RoaGHeH (also spelled Resh-Vav-Ayin-Hey) is a shepherd or leader of the flock (Genesis 4:2) – the image of shepherd as king is solidified by the pharoah’s shepherd’s crook. The verse that makes a shepherd parallel with a king is Ezekiel 37:24.  Psalm 23 equates the King of kings to a shepherd: “The Lord is my shepherd.” The verse that makes a רועה   Resh-Vav-Ayin-Hey parallel to a human king is Ezekiel 37:24: “And My servant David shall be king over them, and they all shal have one shepherd…(JPS).”


One RG king word not at the REICH entry is Chinese wang. It is an RG word when the W from R shift is noted (the Cwazy Wabbit rule – see NEW.) and the N is seen as an added nasalization.

The  “raoh” second element of PHARAOH is relevant here. The first element also echoes the Resh/R of    פר PaR or PHaR (cow, bull – see BULLY).  The association of  Pharaoh, the alleged human god, to a holy cow or bull is clear from Pharoah’s dream of cows in Genesis 41, and from the golden calf in Exodus 32 to recall the Egyptian deity that many former slaves were used to (these from Jim Long’s The Riddle of The Exodus  (Lightcatcher Books, 2002). 

Now for the second element of PHARAOH that is relevant to this entry’s discussion of the shepherd king.  Egyptian pharaohs carried little shepherd crooks not only because they thought they were a holy totem of their sacred cow, but because they considered themselves the divine shepherds of men, of their nation or flock.

Kalman Elias considers that   רגם RaGaM in Psalms 68:28, translated “rules“
 by JPS, may be related to a REGAL word like REGIME. A m edrash commentary on this difficult RGM word links it to kingship, and RGM does have the nasal-liquid-guttural of    מלך    MeLeKH  (king) .  With the Mem a prefix, and the Lamed-Khaf meaning GO! (king as Go!-maker, who makes things go — see ANGEL) the entry has yet another two liquid-guttural terms of directing – see ARCHITECT.

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