Origin of English word REGULAR

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time or occasion


Latin regula (a straight piece of wood) and the Indo-European “root” reg- 1 (to move in a straight line) only speak to spatial REGULARITIES.

See RACK and REACH for the many Hebrew "straight" terms with RK or RG.     רגל ReGeL (the anatomical LEG) can also mean the straight wooden LEG of a table (Exodus37:13). The dimension of time is present in the Hebrew, but not in the Indo-European etymon. REGULAR intervals are not "straight" ones. רגיל RaGeeYL (Post Biblical Hebrew) means usual, normal or habitual (REGULAR), as    רגל ReGeL means a "time" or occasion in Numbers22:28, a religious festival or holiday being a REGULARLY occurring event.  Similarly, ‘pace” (a step) has come to mean a uniform measure of time or space.

ר-ג Resh –Gimel organization is seen further at ORGAN and RUG.


ReGeL is also one of the REGULARLY occurring pilgrimage holidays with all their attendant REGULATIONS  (Exodus 23:14) – see RELIGIOUS. The walk to Jerusalem on the  RiGaLeeYM (festivals) required use of the  RaGLaYeeM (legs), which may keep a REGULAR beat, marching like infantry or  army REGULARS (the adjective and noun RaGLeeY - Exodus12:37, Jeremiah 12:5 ).   Strengthening the idea of RaGeeYL as an ordinary Joe from the ranks is Arabic raagil, man .   The Japanese kick, keru,  reverses   רגל ReGeL and drops the L. More RK trekking at DIRECTION.

If spiritual service becomes merely routine, or too regular, you get RELIGION.

  See “RELIGIO US .”  

Bible Verses

Numbers 22:28 ויפתח יהוה את־פי האתון ותאמר לבלעם מה־עשׂיתי לך כי הכיתני זה שׁלשׁ רגלים׃

“And the LORD opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam: ‘What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?’”



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