Origin of English word REPROACH

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[KH-R-PH → P-R-KH]


The work of lexicographers is considered beyond REPROACH.   After all, their work is the published standard in our reference libraries.

But we can get past this veneration when we see the slipshod methods that allow the AHD to assume that APPROACH and (conciliatoty) RAPPROCHEMENT are cognate with the condemnation of REPROACH .  What the “scholars” are suggesting is that words that are spelled similarly (spelling is a recent convention) are likely related, logic be damned.  The AHD has all three come from Latin prope, near, and the impossibly large Indo-European “root” per - 1 (base of prepositions of words indicating points of time or space…).See OVER for the ב-ר   Bhet-Resh family they are trying to describe, without knowledge of Semitic.

  חרף    K[H] aRaPH is to reproach (Proverbs 27:11  – see     SHARP).

               K[H]eRPaH is reproach, shame (Genesis 34:14).

P-R-CH must be reversed to  ח-ר-ף    Het-Resh-Phey to see how this word was “confused.”    To ‘re-“ “proach” does not mean to anything near “to come close to once again.”    But this is not the only instance of alleged etymologies making no sense.      


For the sharp, acrid and cold senses of REPROACH,

see “PICRIC ACID . ” 

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