Origin of English word RESIDUE

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[ SRD → RSD]


remnant or survivor


RESIDE and RESIDENCE are said to come from Latin re (back) plus sedere (to sit). "Sitting back" may or may not infer RESIDENCY, but RESIDUE (what is left over) is another matter. Old French residere (remainder, rest) has nothing to do with occupation, so the linkage of RESIDENTIAL to RESIDUAL ought to be suspect. Hebrew offers an SRD etymon which could well have given rise to RSD words like residere, RESIDUARY, and RESIDUUM.

  שריד SaReeYD is a remnant or survivor (Numbers21:35, Job18:19). שרד SaRaD is to leave over.   שאר SHA’ahR is to remain; the extension with the SR + dental that fits this entry is     שארית SH’AyReeYT (remnant – Genesis 45:7). 


The SR element is seen in SH’ahAR (was left – I Samuel 16:11) and SHih’AyReeYT (remnant or a remainder). The sense of human survivor is kept alive in the Polish SRT word for orphan: sierota.  The Russian is similar. The Ancient Egyptian sherit (a small piece of something) should be related to  SH’AyReeYT (remnant   --  from Kressel Housman ).  REST (remainder) ought to be related; the Latin etymon here is restare (to remain). RESTING (dormancy), RESTIVE and RESTLESS are more distantly related.  Simon Perlman traces REST (remainder) to SaReeYD. In Numbers 21:35 there is Shin-Resh/Resh-Shin SR /RS wordplay or poetic incremental repetition using Shin-Aleph-Yod-Resh (remainder), Sin-Resh-Yod-Dalet  (survivor) and Yod-Resh-Shin (to inherit).  The SR words reverse to sound like and mean the same as REST (remnant) – even more so if the T of REST has been added because of confusion with REST (to pause.)  There is no Indo-European “root” for REST (remainder), but it is merely a dental shift  from the R-S-D of RESIDUE. SHARD and SHRED are traced to cutting words, but a POTSHERD might well be the remnant of an ancient “residue” word.

Bible Verses

Numbers 21:35 ויכו אתו ואת־בניו ואת־כל־עמו עד־בלתי השׁאיר־לו שׂריד ויירשׁו את־ארצו׃

“So they smote him, and his sons, and all his people, until there was none left him remaining; and they possessed his land.”



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