Origin of English word RIFE

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English Word


Edenic Word


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[R-BH → RF]


enough, much, plenty


RIFE means prevalent, abundant; Ra[V] is "abundant" in Exodus34:6.     Roa[V] means multitude or majority; RaBHaH is to increase or multiply; RAB(eeM) means plural, majority, or many. Anglo-Saxon rife, however, is linked to "reap," "ripe" and other harvest terms at the Indo-European base rei (to tear off). To pursue the given etymon and RF antonyms of isolation, see (DTa)RaF (to tear) at TROPHY. Esau tells Jacob that he has RaBH, “enouph,” in Genesis 33:9, while “much” or “plenty” better fits the dictionary definition of this Resh-Bhet term.   רוה RaVeH (with a Vav instead of the similar Bhet) means ”satiated,” as in having plenty of water  (Psalms 36:9).

Wr  is “great” in Ancient Egyptian (reverse to RW, to see the RV or Resh-Bhet).

  The intelligently designed Resh-Bhet opposite of RaBH is Rah[A]BH (famine – Genesis 12:10).


The AHD’s cognate list for RIFE includes: ARRIVE, REAP, RIFT, RIGATONI, RIMOSE, RIPARIAN, RIPE, RIPPLE, RIVAGE, RIVE, RIVER and ROPE. Consider the Hebrew RV etymon that fits the meaning and possible cognates like French (t)rop (many)andVERY (an RV reversal that infers quantity more than truth). There is the multiplicity of French varier (VARY) and variete (VARIETY). In English, add VARIOUS.

RAFT (a great number) is from an uncertain source; the AHD guesses from “raff” (trash).

The [A]iReBH RaBH is the mixed multitude who left with the Israelites during the Exodus (Exodus 12:38). With twice the Resh-Bet meaning of many, one can assume it was a large number of people.  See SCRAMBLE. Quantity is not quality, as seen by related RB words like RABBLE and RIFFRAFF. The [A]iReBH RahBH is the “mixed multitude” of Exodus 12:38.  Dictionaries think RIFFRAFF may be from French words of plundering and sweeping.  For the Resh-Bet in swarming, see the plague of [E]RoBH at SCARAB.

With an R → L change we can see Resh-Bhet/R-BH in Figian levu (great) and Hawaiian lau (many). Reversing LV or LF bears FULL, 100 words beginning with POLY- (much, many) and the words for "much" in German (viel) and Finnish (paljo). More on FILL and FULL at PILES.  RV reversals go back to ancient Egyptian as well, as wr is "great" in that venerable tongue.

Bible Verses

Genesis 33:9 ויאמר עשׂו ישׁ־לי רב אחי יהי לך אשׁר־לך׃

“And Esau said: ‘I have enough; my brother, let that which thou hast be thine.’”



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