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[R-BH → RF]


RIFT is a physical tear, or a break in friendly relations.  The AHD traces it to an older form, rip, like RIP, and an alleged Indo-European “root” rei- 1 (to scratch, tear, cut).

There is no historic T at the end of RIFT.  There are Edenic words of RIPPING like QaR[A]h ( to tear -- II Kings 5:8) and DTaRaF (see TROPHY). Requiring only a bilabial shift from Bhet/BH to F, ריב  ReeYBH is strife (Genesis 13:7).  For Het-Resh “heated” (see CHAR” and IRE) + our Resh-Bhet  of “contention”  = Het-Resh-Bhet,               חרב [K]HeReBH (war ...sword, destruction – see WAR below).  The Koof-Resh-Bhet of   קרב   Q’RaBH is also extending the core, argumentative Resh-Bhet of   ריב    ReeYBH.     


German  rauf en  (to fight, scuffle) is  from a S-B of the verb RahBH, to quarrel. The AHD lists cognates for RIFT like:   ARRIVE, RIPARIAN, RIVE and RIVER.  The first largescale quarrel in recorded history is the ReeYBH or ROW (contention—“origin unknown”) between the shepherds of Abraham and Lot.  The slight bilabial shift from Bhet/BH  to W will not keep racists from contending a non-Aryan etymology. Reverse the bilabial-liquid of  ריב ReeYBH (strife) to get WAR.  Again, the Bhet easily allows a W. The AHD would like to trace WAR to a reconstructed Indo-European “root” called wers -1 (to confuse).  There are reversing [A]yRa[V] (to mix up), which works better for WORSE, WORST and WURST.  .

Latin war, bell um, is of “unknown origin.”   The fog of a WAR etymology stems from not seeing that B-L and W-R are a reversal of Edenic’s  ריב ReeYBH (strife) . Similar to the Latin with a reversal and shifts of liquid and bilabial is Welsh fel, war.  The longer Welsh word  rhyf el may have the prefix “rhy.” If not, RYF is a more straightforward ריב ReeYBH.

 The better cognates of BELLICOSE (warlike) are:  ANTEBELLUM,  BELLIGERENT, POSTBELLUM and REBEL.  A REBELLION means a renewed war, with a once-pacified people turning again towards armed resistance. 

 More war at GUERRILLA.

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